1. lol if you talk to any wacko young earth creationist like Ken Ham or Kent Hovind they'll telll you this is all a lie because the world is only 6000 years old

  2. I am thinking about the effects this distribution had on our psychology. What if the black man went to Europe and the Middle east while the White man went south to the Sub-Saharan Africa and South America? Would that mean that in our today world our measures of beauty would be different? Would dark colors be used in our graphic designs to refer to good while light colors be used to refer to evil?

  3. This theory has been debunked years ago. Even on the face of it is makes no sense that it would answer why Sub Sahara Africa had not even invented the wheel, while other people were navigating the seas with sextons and building curtain wall cathedrals.

  4. The biggest advantage that people have in this world is who their parents are and were they were born.

    All humans have the same potential to rise and fall.

  5. Someone please tell me; would there be any point in reading the book after watching/understanding all the episodes of this documentery?, because I haven't read it

  6. White racists would definitely get a glass heart — easy to get broken
    Sumerian and chinese got the luck first, then european

    I'm not black, but I am definitely believing and willing to see that one day in the future, the african folks will stand up, just hoping that when black people are developed, they wouldn't discriminate against the other races like the whites do

    At the moment, no races are against each other just by their appearance, that time shall be the real peace, earthian united together and heading to the universe

  7. If you want to understand the book, simply play the game Civilization. By playing the game you will then realize how important a 'head start' is. Nations that start on infertile lands will have troubles in terms of population growth while nations that start on lands without beasts of burden will struggle in terms of production.

  8. If earth is a truly living entity, white people are the GM, carcinogenic cells that cannot exist without imparting industrialised death on all that it infects. They should kill themselves. But have you ever known a cancer cell to kill itself? What does it kill?

  9. Luck and happenstance is the nature of the universe. We're here today because the earth got lucky. Literally billions of things could have gone wrong, but they didn't. The earth isn't superior to Venus and Mars, it's just luckier than Venus and Mars. Even our solar system is lucky. Our solar system isn't superior to the solar systems that are closer to the center of the Milky Way, it's just luckier than them. The same applies to continents, countries and the people that reside in them.

  10. The premises laid out in this series years ago has been debunked a number of times. When you hear his rational that people with an I.Q. of 75 would have built the space shuttle if they just had cows and wheat is beneath is education. What we often see, what an area lacks in one advantage, it enjoys an abundance of others. Look at the "land of plenty that Africa is.

  11. This comment section is full of Dumbass white supremacists who don't know what the hell they're talking about and the comments to those posts are good because they completely destroy the idiots.

  12. Maybe god favors some races or some races have a destiny. Why expect all races to be equal. Nothing in nature or science suggests that equality exists anywhere in reality. Truth is not politically correct. Jared diamond is though.

  13. It all comes down to one thing "WEED" countries with no weed the people would have wants and desires. where as if you have weed growing around " anyone want to help me build a castle .ooh is that a blunt ..haha build a castle what the fuck was I thinking can someone pass the roast beetles

  14. Can someone who read the book be to nice to tell me how accurate is this to the book? This was suppose to be an AP assignment read but seeing I have a week left with tons of work to do, in wondering if I could just watch this and get the gist of it.

  15. I don't get why he compares everything back to New Guinea… The true question is why Africans have some of the most rich land when it comes to wildlife, minerals, etc, and they didn't advance at the same speed. It's complete shit saying Europeans are advanced only because of luck. Also, if its just Europeans and Asians, how the hell is India still a shit hole? They're between the two 'lucky' societies.

  16. I think this video is fascinating, and his argument has much merit. It is well known that Europeans and East Asians have much higher than IQs than other groups. Perhaps it is simply the long and unbroken history of civilization in these places of the world, thanks to particularly advantageous crops and animals, which is responsible.

  17. 52:08 unfortunately we got capitalism otherwise we could uplift them in less than a single year by pooling our resources.

    But you know..PROFIT over humanity and all that…