Solutions come from adults armed with facts, not comics armed with emotions.


  1. No limit shall be imposed on the number of legal weapons I own or the amount of ammunition I choose to keep or I am no longer a free citizen of the USA with the rights and protection of the 2A.

  2. Well at face value GG seems on the "up and up". However"news pundits" are nearly as bad as the late night HACKS Greg bemoans. The rhetoric about OUR DEMOCRACY is frightening to this Republic. The people of America are being programmed by bombardment of dis-information. Ben Franklin reference to"democracy" states it is nothing more than mob rule.

  3. Owning cars is legal,, but you know that guy who owns 75 of them may be up to no good. Maybe the FBI should go check on him, just to be sure he's not planning to run people over with them.

  4. 50 guns are too many let's break it down for hunting alone waterfowl.. pump shot gun, a side by side, a over and under, semi auto, and a semi auto for hard core winter, a backup, one for you r wife, one for your daughter, one for your son who all hunt with you. That's 11 for just waterfowl hunting season. if your families bigger than even more are used.. be careful on the restrictions you throw on numbers everyone is different and has different needs. If we need a gun and use it lawfully who are you to say the number might dictate the need for questioning?

  5. Revoking the guns……ok let’s start by the demon democrats and their bodyguards…..I’m sure there’s plenty guns there….right Beto, Pelocy and her cronies. Yes my life is as important as your life . Beto you are careless when you talk like an idiot

  6. That's why the ones that can afford it have armed bodyguards go figurehow many regular people just to working Joe can afford an armed bodyguard not many

  7. Government tracking ownership of firearms is a step toward tyranny. Government controlling which firearms you may own is another step toward tyranny. Government deciding that you may not own firearms is the definition of tyranny, for oppression and suffering will soon follow.

    People often mistakenly declare that security measures to protect people in schools or public places are an excessive burden. Reasonable safeguards are not a burden, and their absence never made any sense, and still doesn't. Access to weapons is one example. If you wish to own fifty guns in your personal collection, that is a traditional American right worth protecting. You don't need the freedom to carry them around in your luggage in airports or hotels, however. Restricting that is a reasonable safeguard. School safety is another example. Fences, bulletproof windows and effective door locks are reasonable safeguards that not only protect against violent attacks, but also storms and burglaries. People argue that our schools should not be prisons. A better question is, "Why can't our schools be as safe as a gated community?"