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I have been really enjoying The Great War series, so I figured I ought to take advantage of an opportunity to look at several WWI heavy machine guns side by side. This is a video to give some historical context to the guns, and not a technical breakdown of exactly how they work (that will come later). These really were the epitome of industrialized warfare, and they wrought horrendous destruction on armies of the Great War.

The guns covered here are the German MG08, British Vickers, and French Hotchkiss 1914.

Hammer Prices:
Vickers: $20,000
MG08: $11,000
Hotchkiss 1914: $7,000

Other heavies used in the war include the Austrian Schwarzlose 1907/12, the Russian 1905 and 1910 Maxims, the Italian Fiat-Revelli, and the American Browning 1895. The book I was quoting from towards the end was Dolf Goldsmith’s unmatched work on the Maxim, The Devil’s Paintbrush.


  1. ive only ever seen one in a short clip if you have the time and want to could you do a video on the american m1 watercooled 50cal im interested in learning more thanks for all the videos

  2. Wait but wasn't the Chaucat Machine Rifle the standard french machine gun? Wait no that is the standard LMG not their HMG and with the british the LMG was the Lewis gun and the vickers was the HMG

  3. I'm absolutely hooked on the History of The Great War now… Battlefield 1 helped with that, and now that I have found this channel, and the other one shown, I am binge watching WW1 content like crazy.

  4. The US had already used machine guns against the Spanish in Cuba, 1898. I can´t remember if it was at San Juan Hill or at Caney that the Maxims decided the battle.

  5. Out of interest I converted that salary paid to Maxim into UK Pounds at the historic conversion rate and then factored it for inflation. I make it £459,540 in today's money.

  6. WWI can't be called the great war. That title had already been used to describe and define the Napoleonic wars. So when it was being called the GREAT WAR it was swiftly pointed out that that title had already been used. The war was there after referred to WWI.

  7. 95% of these comments are about the 9 yards phrase, we know what it means, we knew what it meant 20 comments ago, stop commenting it.

  8. This guy looks like Alphaomegasin, hell I love this channel and Alpha's channel.

    I always find guns fascinating, every gun has history to it.

  9. What a well thought out and poignant presentation. Love the quote, please keep using research documents in your videos, it adds a lot of weight to an already interesting subject.