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A video for Choo Choo la Rouge’s song «Here Come the Guns» from the album Black Clouds, available now on Kiam records. Made by Greg Condon.

Choo Choo la Rouge:

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  1. Saw this tonight on NYC Life — I LOVE this video — I used to be very involved in collecting flipbooks, so this was totally up my alley! Uber cool! : ) Rock on! Absolutely love the song, too!

  2. Hmm, not too impressed with this. The idea is great, but the execution could have benefited from some tightening up; a lot of fragments and bad choice of colour made this unappealing visually, and some of the animations, e.g the gun shooting, you clearly duplicated a single flipbook and moved/lined it up with editing to make it match, which is an easy way out. I don't mean to play the 'bad guy' here, I do believe you can make something great, but this wasn't it.