How Bert Kreischer Got His Guns Without The Paperwork | Netflix Is A Joke


Bert Kreischer is leaving the gun show with a gun. Paper work or not. He just needs a tiny bit of help from his wife.

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  1. The Artisan Tarot

    Omg 😆 I have been sick all day with a stuffy nose and I kid you not this whole “he took it with you in the shower.” Line made me laugh so hard my nose is no longer stuffy! I can breath again thanks Bert!

  2. RumAndPancakes

    Dont you dare shit on the shower gun lol

  3. magicbuskey

    This is the gayest comedy short I've seen on Youtube. The guy isn't wearing a shirt and he's talking like he's a four year old who's wife -mommie helps him unnecessarily illegally fill out paperwork to get guns he treats like toys from Walgreens. Maybe he thinks he has real guns and the paperwork is filled out using crayons? Either way, please make it stop!! I'd rather see Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump make out naked than watch this shirtless freak keep talking about his failure to launch and his gun fetish.

  4. Dean Ratliff

    Not only is he fat. He is also a liar. So in effect, he is a big fat liar.

  5. PaddleFlambeau

    Total liar that’s not how any of this works.

  6. Acesofshadowsgaming

    Ain’t even funny

  7. Wary of Extremes

    Too inaccurate to be funny.

  8. Kevin Fallon

    This is the first time I've seen this guy. Is not wearing a shirt just his thing?

  9. Underbottom Sandydown

    IDK how the 'bills in his wife's name and the car in his companies name' would make any difference at all. It's an FBI background check for any criminal charges or to see if you're under investigation. He probably just checked the only box that's supposed to say 'yes' to a 'no' on the paperwork — we've all done it. It's just most people don't make up a story to tell on stage because of their own insecurities i.e. not being as good of a comedian as their peers. Plus it's not a crime to have an unregistered gun as long as it isn't stolen, at least in the states that I've lived in.

  10. The Hammer And Tickle

    This isn't even funny. Like idk maybe to liberals and people not from the U.S but really. I'm not salty or anything, I just know the process of buying guns and have a couple of them and idk the "joke" isn't a joke. It's a guy that has no idea what he's talking about.

  11. AJ Haas

    I know it’s a joke but why is the ar more dangerous then the “chick-chick shotgun”?

  12. Alfred F. Jones

    Anyone who has ever bought a gun knows that isn’t how the process works.

  13. Russell Hobbs

    Steven Paddock shot 600 people killing almost 60 people that were at a country concert; rest assured they were more likely Republicans than Democrats. The FBI never gave an explanation of why he did it but any person with cognitive abilities could understand that it was an assault on the right.
    Never let Democrats purchase weapons again!

  14. jason the talker

    That not how that works. But funny

  15. Josh Franklin

    At hes glad he got that AR now.

  16. CadillacJak

    lmfao every person hates guns until they shoot one and then they love them

  17. Cannon Martin


  18. Frank Frankerson

    So u and ur ffl just committed a felony punishable by 10 yrs in federal prison

  19. Joe Biden and Corn Pop

    "Bitch, Men are talking."

  20. Lorenzo Garcia

    Let's ban things we know nothing about said the left

  21. oluwole saadu

    Bazookas should be legal

  22. Nosmo King

    I was going to ask for my time and money back but it is my fault for not inquiring more about who was doing the routine I just remember that it was being done topless.

  23. Rexsuperstar98 Gaming

    He doesn't know a thing about firearms I'm 14 and know that guns don't kill people. People kill people because there are just some messed up people in the world

  24. Michael F.

    Ugh comedians. I dont like liars.

  25. scuraball, the true one

    I swear everyone on this comment section Is acting like they're all part of a gun cult and they know everything and this isn't how It works. Yeah we know it's comedy

  26. Rs Rt

    Fuck that bitch, this is 'Murica!

  27. David Preston


  28. Alex

    Who the fuck calls the guy an "arms dealer"

  29. Stop the BS

    Yeahhhhhhhhh no. It doesn't work that way in Oklahoma, so I doubt it's like that in Comiefornia lol

  30. Andrew Pollock

    (Speaks in russian accent) It would be an honor to sell an AR 15 to the machine

  31. James Rodrigo Nash

    Stop spreading miss information because liberals are dumb enough to believe that this is how it works.

  32. James Allen

    I love Kreischer, but not this bit. Arms Dealer? You mean FFL. And, no, you didn't buy firearms without paperwork.

  33. Adrian Saavedra

    “Bitch, men are talking!”

  34. adam rushing

    Funny story, but it's just that…a story.
    If his "arms dealer" (which no one calls them btw) did that, he commited at least two different federal crimes and he'll lose his license. SO….its a joke people, just a joke.

  35. SirOliveOil

    bitch M E N are talking”

  36. Peter Breiter

    Buddy, an ar15 isnt any more dangerous than another semi automatic rifle.

  37. Dyers

    Arms Dealer? Who calls the FFL guy at the sporting good store an Arms Dealer?

  38. Jason Harris

    The more I see him on 2 bears 1 cave, the more I can't watch his comedy in the same way anymore.

  39. Troglodyte


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