How it Works: AA Guns and Fighters | World of Warships


The second part of episode about Carriers and related stuff! This time we will talk about AA guns, fighters and aircraft HP.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy today's episode?
    In case you've missed the 1st part, you can find it here:

  2. Paul Sim

    Why on earth was this not linked in the comments from the last episode 🙁

  3. 福原聖人


  4. Wyatt Stankiewi

    When are carriers going to get added to consel.

  5. Tooterfish

    my brain hurts.

  6. Lego City S.W.A.T Team and Termination Terminator 2

    In WoW Blitz they gotta add planes to the battle ships as well

  7. Adam Ladd

    Needs to be updated for 8.7

  8. Cat Bot

    Wargaming : 1:41"special shells that explode in the air"
    Me: you mean flak?

  9. Gabe

    You want to balance WoWS? Remove CVs…. CVs aren't ships that participated into the Battlezones… They were well far away from the combat zone… Add SUBs to counter BBs, Cruisers To Counter DDs, BBs to counter Cruisers and other BBs, DDs to Counter Subs….Then you have a working, fun and competitive game….When you have a CV player on WoWS nowadays.,,, Or he is terribly bad or terribly annoying…Its sad to see his planes getting ripped up trying to get near my texas or alabama….When I divvy up with with a Cleveland….I like what you guys did to SPG in WoT…THe nerf was good but still a helluva annoying, But that's its purpose…
    I think it still needs more nerf thou.

  10. Andreas Tag

    Additional to the 3 kind of Bombers we should use fighter on the cv to attack hostile airplanes directly so as it was before the update has come.

  11. Daniel Alejandro

    this game is getting worse , cant believe it…is unplayeble

  12. 00comm

    please update this for the new system

  13. James Womack

    Man…you guys have an overall good game but have completely done a FUBAR job with the most important aspect of naval warfare. Carrier warfare. Look. Get yourselves a couple copies of Battle stations Midway and Pacific. Play it. Learn from it. Scrap the absolute garbage you've put out and start over.

  14. Ronan Smith

    Does that mean there are unlimited amounts of planes, just needing time for preparation?

  15. Necro von Cortex

    You are constantly changing the game…

    a year ago, you could read the data of catapult fighters in the game
    the HD.780 (floatfighter on Dunkerque) would do 44 dps(it was rng really, so damage is incorrect)
    while the average rear gunner would do 11-15 pr plane.
    For some reason this information was never available on your wiki. (as far as I know)

    And now after the CV update, all fighters are pretty much just a garanti you'll take down x amounts of planes, they won't get shot down by gunners or have enough ammo to attack more than one…
    Post-update you are not able to see how much damage the individual type of AA guns do, as you are putting all small, medium and large AA guns together…
    Hell, when do you plan on updating your wiki? all ship AA is still noted under the pre-update standard…

    Also what's with the Ishizuchi and other ships? you bothered to add 16 AA gun on her decks and turrets but only let 6 of them be featured.

    oh yeah… you cannot adjust the speed of your carrier while flying unlike in the old version..
    Shouldn't be hard to pick 2 keys on a keyboard to save your carrier without letting go of your bombers which finaly got across the map…

  16. tonkatoytruck

    As bad as CVs are, the cool down for Fighter Aircraft should be shortened considerably. It does no good to have the consumable if you can only use it once in a game. The rest of the time, I keep looking at the count down timer and give up waiting.

  17. Sal

    I thought he was playing a game of boats, you see he will not keep playing.


    Is the AA in world of warships legends?

  19. kurt Knispel

    random gibberish about shitty CV players

  20. Kevin Morrison

    Here is a novel idea for you WG, how about holding off on the tutorials until you stop fucking with the game mechanics and making these totally worthless as soon as a month later!

  21. 김준수

    Does anyone know that if the AA module has destroyed during battle, am I still capable of deal some damage to planes? 100%? or less? and what if I equip the parts like give more HP to AA module, am I take more damage from HE shells before the module got destroyed? and lastly is there anything that gives your AA gun more range?

  22. Dr. Nightmare

    Now to break even more the game introduce subs

  23. Dennis Wiggins

    my biggest complaints are the fighter consumable on carriers. It makes it really hard to actually provide cap for anything other than your own CV. 60 second cap is not sufficient. I think when activated on your attack squadron you should be able to manually assign them to defend a specific ship, area, or escort an attack squadron. They should persist until they run out of ammo, get destroyed or are bingo on fuel. I don't buy that they run out of either in 60 seconds of non-combat circling. I do find the auto launch of cap when your CV is spotted to be quite realistic and useful. I just feel that CV game play should be just as much about fighting the enemy CV's squadrons as it is attacking enemy ships. Also dedicated AA cruisers and DD need to be rewarded much more for shooting down planes! Right now there is not enough reward for escorting vulnerable capitol ships with your AA cruiser/DD's.

  24. Sir Dave

    It's simple, they don't.

  25. Power Play

    Fighters should have stayed the Same or have been like a escort/ controllable thing, like have a rts style control of the fighters.

  26. Nailed2AX _

    Wait, CVs have unlimited planes now? here is me playing my CVs carefully so i dont run out of planes, hmmmm

  27. Smileyheckster

    Personally I like the changes, just not the fact they took many if the carriers away

  28. Nanosinx Kress Unity

    Keep questioning about i miss the old CV style of play, if you lose your planes was because you are noob, now a carrier cannot target any of the UK/US ship without lose all his squadron, what about quit the AA damage of Atlanta with that "premium gold features" —
    How this will change the ships we use since we are not having a full reset on our ships, i mean, my crusiers and battleships were made to keep my route even under CV attack, i mean, i can literally go by myself to kill a lonely carrier and keep reducing damage they did to me… ¬¬

  29. Martin Lastname

    The detail is insane

  30. Fredrick Furuvald

    Am I the only one that loves carriers now, when I used to hate playing them before?

  31. Farhan Hafidzz

    I’m cursed, every time I got into tier X battel I lost lot of aircraft

  32. MichealJ99 Gaming

    Can't wait until CVs or aircraft carriers are added to WOW LEGENDS

  33. dupond dupont

    Thanks for the broken rework of the CV WG, with Infinite planes, CV player dont care about their planes, spot and damage and delete the concept of concealment

  34. SHayden

    This comment section is cancer. This update is the best thing that has happened to CV's in this game. I guess most of you miss not being able to do jackshit in your japanese carriers if enemy has american CV with op fighters, or not being able to do anything to enemy ships in american carriers only take down japanese planes……pathetic….

  35. star bust

    I hate this change to cvs


    A tutorial would have been freakin nice,boot up the game and goes here figure it out…