How to Store Your Guns



In this video we discuss various options for storing your firearms properly to prevent misuse, theft and/or damage. We also go over several tips and tricks to get the most out of your available space whether it be a room in your home, gun cabinet or safe and discuss some products that we have found to work very well in organizing your gun collection. Stay tuned, much more on the way.





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  1. Iraqveteran8888

    Just a quick FYI. The guys at Core Vens wanted me to let you know that a lot of people ended up emailing them about Firearms Specific policies. They are a little backlogged on emails as a result so don’t think they have forgot about you. Thanks

  2. D Nasty

    8888 HHHH

  3. CMB N.Y.

    Damn, wish I noticed this video when it came out…Lot of great information. some I knew…a decent amount I wasn't aware of…I thought I was pretty up to date with this channel. Thanks guys, great content as always!

  4. Joe Yeo

    Did this man just let a shotgun rip in his house? Wheres this video at?

  5. Eric Decoteau

    How much can Tim Matter if you forgot about him?

  6. Dj Project

    Great info, thanks. Subbed your other channel too!??

  7. Keith Clinker

    My children were taught gun safety since they were little, starting with me shooting several things that made a mess all over so they got the point. They don't touch the guns without asking. My 2 older sons keep them in their room.

  8. joseph bantum

    I LIKED YOU GUYS ALREADY!! He’s rockin that MTD 535. I really am a big fan now. I had no idea ????

  9. Bennett Turner

    Bruh why does the guy in the green move so god damn much

  10. Pedro cicili

    Just saw the green bat in the back wtf

  11. Shawn Stone CSCS FMS TPI K-MOTION

    As much as I like this channels content, it would be nice if you guys could stop interrupting, and speaking over one another.
    Keep up the great content.

  12. DeezR Bonards

    I always made the assumption yall did this show from the front counter of yall’s gun store. That is a cool set up

  13. GraceFaded

    I guess the way I look at it is a fire is going to destroy what it destroys. My biggest concern is (moral) culpability for any weapon(s) stolen from my house and used in violent crimes against others. I think safes have their place for a number of reasons, but they never appealed to me. I've opted for a high number of (same) keyed trigger (Master Locks) locks for all my guns. The only guns that stay loaded are a shotgun and carbine in my bedroom (trigger locked when I'm not home) and my SO's and my carry guns. Everything else is unloaded and secured. One key can unlock any gun in my house. It's not a perfect setup, but it works for me.

  14. StealthRider

    Chad is ultra fidgety…

  15. DW

    Have you done a video on best ways to keep track of your firearms from logging in on day of purchase to accessories added, rounds fired all the way to who you sold it to ( if you sell any). I personally would like someone’s opinion on possible a better way of keeping records.

  16. Rhonda Garrett

    In salty humid places like the Florida coast, Boeshield can't be beat for long-term storage.

  17. the chomp

    theres a lot of segways in this video….

  18. Thomas de Vos

    Here in Denmark we have to store our guns in approved gun-cabinets — 350-400$ for a 5 riffle cabinet (Steel)
    And it have to be bolted to the floor/wall

  19. Nathan Keel

    If I have no wood on my weapons, do I still have to keep it humid? Or can I use only dehumidifiers?

  20. Jim Cooper

    why would anyone need a safe? just call the cops…..

  21. Phil Fortner

    I could care less about the fire protection of a safe. It's covered by home owners insurance like the rest of the house. Buy new guns, good problem to have!

  22. Chris Martin

    Pretty dang good advice here and much needed. One of the most helpful vids I’ve seen. Well done gents.

  23. Glassic Gamer

    I suppose you could build a gun room with metal studs, roxul insulation (it's fire proof) then cement board instead of sheetrock (cement won't burn). Then a good steel door or if you have the cash one of those bunker doors from Atlas shelters 🙂

  24. Fushie smith

    For long term storage nothing beats cosmoline. Just ask the Russians.

  25. Michael Pollini

    I store my guns under my pillow

  26. Wondering Soul

    I store my long guns barrel down. Keeps rust off of bolts.

  27. Oly

    I just have locking cabinets in the house and throw a couple of disposable baby diapers in the bottom. Diapers are full of desiccants; keeps babies dry and keeps my guns dry.

  28. Jak3

    30:32 this is a gated community pls get the F off the property

  29. Curtis Rudisail

    Fort Knox

  30. Thomas Jefferson

    For the guy who has two guns for hunting Deer and ducks he's supposed to spend 1000 dollars on a gun safe.