Steve Lee’s music video clip about his love of guns.
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Written by Steve Lee
Produced by Bill Chambers
Video Filming & Production: Scott Richardson — Vision TV

Drums — BJ Barker
Electric Guitar, Bass, Dobro, Harmonys — Bill Chambers
Mandolin — Raechel Lee
Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals — Steve Lee


  1. Something I have noticed all my life is that people who own guns are also most often proud believers in God. I would consider myself a major gun enthusiast, however I am also a major Atheist. One of the many reasons I do carry a weapon is because I truly believe that there is no such higher power out in the universe that intends to protect me, be that God or a guardian angel. Neither do I believe that there is some universal creator who breathed the gift of life into every creature on Earth, nor that there is a specific intended plan put in place for each living being that inhabits this world.
    If we as human beings are to take dead seriously the physical welling being of ourselves and the ones we love. Then there is no other way but too place the aforementioned individuals into a positon of protection. Securing yourself a firearm and the skillset of a marksmen are one of the top proven ways in ensuring the security you may be seeking.
    Anyhow I seem to have digressed a little from my original point, which is the existence of God, as well intentioned as it may be, is an idea simply baseless in facts and detached from reality. Our galaxy was not created in seven days some 8,000 — 10,00 years ago, but rather from a cosmic explosion deep in the darkest recesses of the universe that gave way to light, love, life and everything we will ever know.
    Moral of the story being, life after death does not exist. You get just one life and when it inevitably ends your life will go back to the way it was before you were born, complete nothingness. Sad, but true. So the responsibility lies on you to find a way in which to protect the one sacred gift of life that you were so lucky to have received.
    My advice… Load up on Guns

  2. Where was the location that let you fired the M60, RPG, grenade launcher, PPSh-41, etc? Kinda looked like it was Vietnam, maybe some leftovers from the war?

  3. Hi Steve, when comes a new Music Video out? My family and me are big fans of your music.. 🙂 Greetings from germany and merry christmas

  4. Can't believe I just discovered you but I'm glad I did! Found out about you through hickok45 &I been addicted since! Wish you all the best in your very bright successful future brother! God bless!