Inside Guns N’ Roses Plane to Dubai (Autism Rocks Arena or stadium) March 3rd Concert for their gig at SCG Stadium on Feb 28, 2017 Angus Young fooled Guns N’ Roses by playing a prank on them in Sydney. H ewill also take the stage with Guns N’ Roses to play AC/DC Song Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be!

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Guns N’ Roses 2016 South America Airport

MGM 727 Guns N’ Roses 1992 Tour


( A look inside)

Axl Rose Arrested at JFK in 1992 MTV

Axl Rose Pissed Off 2011 Argentina Airport

Axl Rose Talks About Being Detained At Canadian Customs After Gun Found

Axl Rose Hits Paparazzi at LAX Airport 2009

Guns N’ Roses 1991 Customs

Guns N’ Roses Airport Europe 1991

Guns N’ Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017

01/21 – Osaka, JP @ Kyocera Dome *
01/22 – Kobe, JP @ World Arena *
01/25 – Yokohama, JP @ Yokohama Arena *
01/28 – Tokyo, JP @ Saitama Super Arena
01/29 – Tokyo, JP @ Saitama Super Arena *
02/02 – Wellington, NZ @ Westpac Stadium
02/04 – Auckland, NZ @ Western Springs Stadium
02/07 – Brisbane, AU @ QSAC Stadium
02/10 – Sydney, AU @ ANZ Stadium
02/11 – Sydney, AU @ ANZ Stadium
02/14 – Melbourne, AU @ Melbourne Cricket Ground
02/18 – Adelaide, AU @ Adelaide Oval
02/21 – Perth, AU @ Domain Stadium
02/25 – Singapore, SG @ Changi Exhibition Centre
02/28 – Bangkok, TH @ SCG Stadium

Guns N’ Roses 2017 Tour Dates
1/21 — Osaka, Japan @ Kyocera Dome
1/28 — Tokyo, Japan @ Saitama Super Arena
1/28 — Tokyo, Japan @ Saitama Super Arena
2/07 — Brisbane, Australia @ QSAC Stadium
2/10 — Sydney, Australia @ ANZ Stadium
2/14 — Melbourne, Australia @ Melbourne Cricket Ground
2/18 — Adelaide, Australia @ Adelaide Oval
2/21 — Perth, Australia @ Domain Stadium

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  1. Yo ! You need to look into aviation man. There wasnt ONE 727 in ANY of this. I saw a 737 that you called a 727 AND a old 707…You habe a video titled 727 and IT is a 737 as well. Not one 727 is on here. The 727 was a twin REAR jet. loud,long and skinny. Ive always hated 727s. They are even banned from flying in the Northern U.S. and Canada due to noise.

  2. These were too into the moment having drunk pilots fly them around… it was a matter of if shit happens, it happens, but fortunely nothing happened.

  3. Guns n Roses landed in Singapore on Wednesday in a Boeing 767 not a 757. A Boeing 767-35D(ER) to be exact. Reg number ZS-NEX. It's been with LOT Polish Airways, Air New Zealand, Air Italy, and Euro Atlantic Airways before GnR leased it from Aeronexus. Looking forward to the gig tomorrow!!

  4. I started watching half way through and there's Duff: "So I thought hey we got a private plane, that's pretty cool. So we were in the back, smokin' crack…" skip a bit "And I thought maaan, these executive runways fucking suck".

    Haha, Duff's a fucking dude!

  5. Jeez… These fuckers live off stupid fans paying hundreds of dollars to watch them play a musical instrument. There's a sucker born every minute.