Is Unai Emery Under Unfair Pressure? | All Guns Blazing Podcast ft DT


Is Unai Emery Under Unfair Pressure? | All Guns Blazing Podcast ft DT


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  1. Jonny Bees

    Iwobi need to jog on rocky tracksuits get running

  2. Callum Graham

    Not gonna lie, quite impressed with DT in this. Some well thought out, rational opinions on transfers here

  3. Alhaji Kamara

    Arsenal still have the same problem I wish them well

  4. Abu Shoumar

    I love this channel but i dont understand why they still think that arsenal is a world class club. (Juventus Fan)

  5. stephen ndawa

    kroenke out of arsenal team and his son

  6. Samuel Moss

    Going on about wanting players with a good mentality and are hard working, but chooses a player who went to China over Ryan Fraser who gives you 110% every week

  7. Samuel Moss

    The ad breaks on this show are a joke ?

  8. Lucas Antoine Starrets

    It could be that allegri is off because arsenal have contacted him and pencilled him in the job, to hold on and if Unai don’t fulfil our ambition then arsenal will sack him. Ozil already said unai can’t coach. So I wonder whether this could happen

  9. Pitti Barlin

    So, Andy Robertson signed from the Scottish leagues did he? I'm pretty sure we signed him from Hull City, which the last time I looked, wasn't in Scotland.

    Also, a lot of Liverpool fans did go wow when Trent came into the team, cos a lot of us watch the academy lads, and we knew what a special talent he was gonna be. As we know Brewster will be when he starts playing games this season.

    I like you DT, but don't chat shite that you know nothing about mate, do a bit of research so you know your stuff, or don't say anything.

    Finally, Liverpool fans rate Hendo, we know he's an important cog in our wheels. It's non LFC fans that don't rate him, he's not glamorous is he. He's like Carrick when he played for United, no nobody rated him, but United fans loved him. It's only now he's retired that other fans realise what a good player he was.
    Milner is another.

  10. mark Willmore

    Didn't mind tackling GOLDBRIDGE lthou

  11. eyaltb

    Why are they talking about the fight

  12. Shah Ahmed

    Crohns- ouch

  13. Kash Kash

    DT sensing his son to fight his battles u pussy

  14. simon okubagaber

    Arsenal is getting boring for decade with a bunch of links and rumors but at the end of transfer knell at shambles “boring”

  15. Faris Imran

    This conversation is so frustrating to watch. I understand where DT is coming from. Liverpool did not buy Fabinho and Salah and Van Dijk and Alison 3-4 years ago, they were out buying people like Robinson and Milner. Players who people are not expecting too much on but they have proved to be important to their success. We are not the same level as Liverpool now, we are the same level as Liverpool 3 4 5 years ago before or at the start of Klopp’s reign and we have to accept that and rebuild just like they did those years ago. What we need to do is try to build these players up, increase the value and try to sell them for big money where we can reuse to buy our own big players like Van Dijk and Salah.

  16. lee 2e

    were i come from dad usually stands up for his son, not in DTs HYPED world, Baby Boy has had to step up for his daddy,,,, awwwwwwwwwww, Rants gonna roll Kieron like dice

  17. Foxnram

    Cant wait to see his son getting smacked…

  18. 24

    Top 3 strikers

  19. MemoryLaneCinema

    boxing is for cavemen

  20. Ze TheGame

    Arsenal is the only supposedly top club where the manager can fail literally every single major objective of the season and fans will still be questioning themselves whether they are being too hard on him or not. Pathetic. Small club mentality.

  21. Deanz Beber

    If you have any common sense give up on arsenal. Not only are we shit and going backwards, are football is also shit now. We are doomed

  22. Un Named

    Fraser and carasco are both left wingers,we have no one on the right ??‍♂️

  23. Lucian Junior

    We dont need big big names this summer. We just need players with certain attributes for their positions and players that will always give 100%. Tierney, Saliba, Upamecano, Ziyech, Carrasco. Young hungry players that would also increase in value and complemetnt our system. Yes I am dreaming, but this would be good business, taking into consideration player sales. I would love to have 1 big summer signing in CM to replace Santi Carzorla, not Ramsey. The academy can create that Ramsey but we would need a big bid for Thiago, or Isco, those such players. Yes again, im dreaming. This is not career mode.

  24. Theodore Voutas

    Donnie Robbie

  25. Lucas Sanchez

    Emrey is being set up to fail

  26. Asif Hussain

    Where can i watch the fight?

  27. Eddie J

    No sensible conversation here.

  28. Raheem Adepoju

    Robertson came from hull

  29. Kemar Gordon

    At this point if we get anyone I’d be surprised. Never thought I’d see the day players don’t want to play go arsenal , players would rather play fir spurs than us

  30. Junior Blake

    Couldn’t agree with Robbie anymore , we’re shopping in Poundland & expecting luxury goods . Why not just out and buy 2 quality players then 4 average ( available) ones .

  31. maurice fox

    Robbie how many well know top players did Arsenal buy in 1st 2 or 3 years of Wenger Reign

  32. maurice fox

    Sorry DT playing on big stage doesn't mean anything really look at Players like Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan

  33. maurice fox

    If Emery had more than £40m we would bought new players in by now Arsenal probably be the only PL club not to spend a penny

  34. Mr Kajja

    LMAO Imagine having your son fight some random sideman scrub from another youtube channel. Absolutely pathetic.

  35. Jay Jay

    "Its you running up your mout yuh nuh" loool ??

    these lot are funny

    AF… AFTV

  36. Ed Chavez

    Ima arsenal fan and Barca fan ???

  37. TIMBALA kamp

    what a podcast your both little children ,pleas talk about arsenal men.

  38. jonathan sparks

    Allegri still isn’t on pep and klopps level

  39. Next Gen Ownage

    We have Holding to come back why is everyone forgetting how good he was before he got injured. Its bad enough we just let Welbeck go and kept Mustafi, Eleny and co……

  40. Derek Barton

    5 minutes later

  41. James Danzine

    We should buy quincy promis

  42. Darrell Madzima

    I hope dts son wins

  43. Sundeep DHALIWAL

    Emery is to blame. He needs to get rid of the players that simply aren't good enough. Man up and get these players out or if not, and we have the same squad as last year, or worse, then we'll finish outside the top four so Emery needs to act fast. Therefore, major changes need to be made and we'll aware that Kroenke is not acting, so sell to buy, it's simple and Emery needs to act fast. I don't want these unknow players like Claude-Maurice, I want us to attract young, huge game player. We need a CDM alongside Torreira, sell Xhaka and bring in Ndidi. Sell Koscielny and Mustafi, and bring in Tah and Upamecano. SellOspina, bring in a decent number 2. Monreal is going on s FREE, so, sell Kolasinac for a decent amount, bring Tierney and a decent backup, tbf, at this moment, I'll take Moreno. Bring in 2 wingers too and force Ozil out. He's gone down hill and has lost his motivation and is a shame he's gone from assisting Ronaldo, to Giroud and years have passed by and his enthusiasm is not there anymore. Pinch a Maddison, or a Havertz and yes, I would sell Auba NEXT SUMMER, he'll be 31 next summer with, I believe, a year left in 2020, so sell him and Mkhitariyan. Utilise that money to bring more talent. When Sokratis is past it, then he can be replaced. It really isn't that hard.

  44. robert ingram

    Whats sad is that Arsenal fans pay more attention to a bunch of overweight guys talking about how bad Arsenal are than the actual team itself. I don’t blame them. Since wenger left Arsenal haven’t been the same.

  45. George Lindo

    Robbie- OnLy HaZaRd HaS mOrE aSISits than fRaSeR