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Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize winner of «Guns, Germs, & Steel»
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Jared Diamond is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of the International Bestsellers «Guns, Germs, & Steel» , «Collapse» and his new book «The World Until Yesterday» and a professor at UCLA known for drawing from a variety of fields (AKA «polymath») including anthropology, ecology, geography, and evolutionary biology.


«Cut & Run» & «Our Story Begins» by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) —

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  1. TigerShark

    so if they dont have heart attack and stroke, what do they die from

  2. Si Rasputin

    "Once you've been to New Guinea the rest of the world is boring". Having lived here for some time now I can vouch for this statement.. PNG is an amazing place.

  3. Ryan Bailey

    The reason for European invention being so prominent is curiosity and capitalism, basically, culture. Same with Asians. There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING, that suggests innate intellectual superiority. If it were intellect, explain why Asians and Hispanics/Native Americans, who were the same people, are eons apart in development, innovation, and a laundry list of other things? Europeans have a culture that promotes creativity and expression, and an economic system that rewards it, and therefore incentivizes it. Whereas other minorities, especially people in Papua New Guinea, don't have such things and in many ways, don't want them.

  4. A. S. Hole

    The comment section is a prime example as to why we're fucked.

  5. Judith Anne

    too much talking by interviewer.

  6. Christos Samsouris

    That was one of the best interviews that I have ever seen! So original!

  7. TheCubism

    That is legit pomhub on that guys screen??

  8. JSavic

    Is Jared Diamond a Jewish supremacist ?
    Who is excited by DNA analysis, which allows the identification of the "Jew gene" and, therefore, the possibility to avoid genetic contamination ?

  9. The Berean

    This was a particularly enjoyable interview.

  10. Race Egalitarianist

    “There are also practical reasons for interest in Jewish genes. The state of Israel has been going to much expense to support immigration and job retraining of Jews who were persecuted minorities in other countries. That immediately poses the problem of defining who is a Jew.” — Jared Diamond. (Natural History. (1993). Nov. p.12.)

  11. migrantchick

    Remarkable man. I've read most of his books; more than once. Age has only slowed him slightly; his brain has not suffered at all. It's entertaining to read the hate mails here. I ask those people, what books have you written that you are so 'knowledgable' on?

  12. SoCalAries

    You completely missed the European cultural facets that facilitated the inception of science and the vast majority of human invention, such as internal locus of control, objectivity, individualism, earned power distance, monochronic time orientation and future orientation, as well as the emphasis on causation, prediction and control, among others, which resulted in the creation of the most inclusive, diverse, inventive, successful and powerful nations, the likes of which was never seen on Earth prior despite their relative newness (negroids have been around 4-5x as long as Eurasians and several times longer than whites)

  13. Lollipopfop

    This guy is such an idiot. The fact is that ideas DO travel North and South. Ideas travel everywhere people travel. Vikings traveled far South from their home and settled all over, and they definitely picked up and spread ideas. The Romans traveled as far South as Africa, and as far North as Britain. Of course ideas via people travel North South East and West. That is not the reason Europeans were successful. The success of any kind is not an accident, its always perserverance, innovation, and bravery. And anyone with a brain knows this. And of course some idiotic Marxist types that want to believe that all success is an accident will eat it up….not tom mention asswipes who have a white guilt problem.

  14. Ayn Vallis

    Interviewer dude: you are such an arrogant ageist. How many times did you bring up the age of this humble genius….and to his face? You said, "you're no spring chicken" and remarked that his move to Cambridge was "a very long time ago" and finally and most hilariously you called him an inspiration to "us young people" you are not young. Receding hair line, liver spots, wrinkles and gray hair…yes, all clearly visible on your face despite your wanna-be-hipster hair gel. And your questions…horrible…"what's your favorite thing about London?" And the smirk on your face for the duration. Honestly, if it weren't Dr. Jared Diamond answering I would have turned this off after your ridiculous boast about your hot, blonde FORMER girlfriend! Hey, go learn how to interview a subject but keep your badly damaged ego out of it.

  15. cunaeus22

    The responsibility for the unjust ban
    on DDT, lies with Prince Philip and the
    environmental movement that he
    launched and controlled through his
    World Wildlife Fund for Nature, and its
    poisonous offshoots such as Greenpeace.
    These share an evil belief, as
    followers of Malthus and Hitler, that
    the Earth is grossly overpopulated and
    needs to be reduced from 6.7 billion to
    less than 2 billion. They have certainly
    practiced what they preached. The environmentalists’
    war against DDT was
    a war against humanity.

    Given the irrational fear factor promoted by the greens, any
    objections must first be overcome with an intensive campaign
    of public education conducted nationally in the media, and especially
    in the suburbs, by disease control professionals, to win
    the confidence and support of the community. On the appointed
    days, the same health officials will then go on to actually
    spray the inside walls of every dwelling and public and commercial
    building with DDT.

  16. francescop1

    what a wise man

  17. ghost909090

    thank to this man i discorver my spanish acentors, my spanish roots

  18. Perry Mcguirk

    Cant believe this has only got 23,832 views…

  19. TG Travelogue

    The societies more tightly controlled by religion tend to leave it to God's will rather than finding solutions in S & T.

  20. Scott Watson

    Jared Diamond is brilliant and in Guns, Germs, and Steel he simply explains why some cultures have more 'cargo' than other cultures. Why did some societies develop metals and some did not. What was the necessity, or reason? AND he goes onto explain that guns, steel and might did not conquer other cultures, but germs did, germs from our beloved livestock creatures. He doesn't at any time claim that one culture is superior to another. Some of the comments on here are unfair. Dr. Diamond is quite humble and went through a harrowing experience when he visited Africa and saw a child pass away from smallpox. He openly cries and exposes his feelings. Don't be afraid of his work! There is a reason it was a Pulitzer Prize recipient!

  21. violinhunter2

    Diamond is wrong. It's DNA and inspiration, nothing else.

  22. fetusbuddha


  23. ahmed al ani

    what a big mentality

  24. Justin Baldwin

    A great interview. Who wouldn't want to sit and chat into the night with this man. More inspiring that Brad Burton, if that's possible!

  25. 中山瑞穂

    I am glad to hear from interview. The most important contents such as history of anthropology relates science. It is important that learned from human past.

  26. Noemy Sanchez

    nice flow, would b hard not to trample over words with these topics.. but these 2 have a nice back and forth

  27. aaronsdavis

    Jareds expression (or lack of) while the sponsors are reeled of at the start is priceless.

  28. NOSNICProductions

    Is the interviewer just nervous? Is that why he keeps messing with his mic stand? lol

  29. Takingout thetrash

    Mr. Diamond love to compare his beloved White race to Africans and North & South American Indians and make it seem like the colonization of these two continent by his people is inevitable because a superior people with superior technology will naturally take over a more primitive race because of their newfound knowledge and urge to conquer

    — but what Mr. Diamond will never try to do is compare his beloved White race to the Asian race because the Asian race and its long amazing history will show that it was they who invented the Gun and Steel, and they did not do all the terrible things Europeans did

  30. dieselscience

    The Third Chimpanzee is his best book.
     GG&S seems to be written a little more with the theme of sales.

  31. Fin

    ''Brain Octane Oil''' Hmmmmmm nyummmm — 5years from now 

    Bye Quinoa 

  32. thovenne p

    he's a really interesting scholar. admiring his great efforts.

  33. Toosin Beymen

    Why does this interview never get to exploring the theme of Guns, Germs and Steel? The interview is misnamed, no?

  34. Ste Maas

    i liked kollaps although i read the thick version 🙂

  35. Ant Man

    absolutely fantastic interview! Thank you,

  36. Jason Rahimzadeh

    Navigating the forest is not equivalent to putting a man on the moon.

  37. ED FRED

    Interesting how this guy Diamond talks about the virtues of societies like the ones in places like New Guinea.He grins as he uses phrases like "stupid whites".Yet, Diamond sits there and enjoys all the modern comforts of that "stupid" white society.Why won't Diamond give it all up and live that wonderful New Guinea life style?

  38. margosdesarian

    This book was a watershed for me and i became a bit of an evangelist, buying it, then giving it away, sometime to strangers, then buying it again. I must have purchased 20 copies or more

  39. Jon McGill

    My favorite was the 3rd chimpanzee… Collapse was good but depressing. GGS was good, but I think the Nat. Geo. documentary about the book messed up my appreciation for it beforehand… I didn't think the documentary for GGS was very good so it delayed my reading of the actual book. After I did read GGS it improved my opinion of the story, as it included far more of the details necessary to understand the argument.

  40. SàiGònMan

    I read Guns, Germs and Steel over the summer. Really enjoyable read — very informative and interesting. My only criticism would be that it is a bit repetitive at times.

  41. bellavista7

    haven't read anything other the 'guns germs & steel'. but it ranks among my favorites. it was an eyeopener at the time, to find a different approach in history was possible.

  42. D James

    This dude looks amazing for 76…

  43. Flow Ⓥ

    Thanks again Brian, very inspirational!

  44. j brown

    brian…you are great at what you do…I have been watching from the beginning…through the nick years…and now you are killin it and doing better than ever…keep up the good work…I appreciate the great interviews

  45. Moundir M

    thank you very much for this