Jason Newsted: Guns N' Roses Taught Me 'What Not to Do'


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Metallica legend Jason Newsted explains how touring with Guns N’ Roses taught him «what not to do» as a musician.

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  1. AC24 Caldwell

    I was at the infamous Montreal show on that tour. That afternoon and evening showed pretty much everything Jason is referring to here……

    Metallica: Hit the stage on time…put on a solid first half of their show. James gets burned by the pyrotechnic. Even though inside, the other 3 band members must have been freaking out, they came out and addressed the crowd, promising to come back to town to finish their show (they did, BTW, return to play a show at the Forum a few months later, with tickets being ridiculously cheap)

    GnR: They could have saved the day….but that was not in their DNA. Took FOREVER to start their set, as the crowd sweltered in the heat, and got more and more agitated. Then, like 5 songs into their lacklustre set, Axl has a hissy fit and tells people to "get their f'n money back", then storms off the stage.

    Metallica = professional…..GnR = clowns

  2. Evan Abbott

    Ha! He’s awesome….😁👍

  3. Paul Mildner

    And there you have a man saying it the way it is and nothing else

  4. 2345teeth

    Really respect Jason. He will always be a part of Metallica.

  5. Mustafa

    He is just hater of Axl

  6. Derek Gabrys

    This is all true but Axl still has a pretty hefty net worth for only releasing a few albums and virtually disappearing for 15 years. Metallica's musical quality really fell off after the early 90's.

  7. I have 76 problems

    Jason lowkey a legend in the game

  8. Eduard

    Guns/Axl have moved on. I never hear Guns/Axl talk about this. Apparently Jason did not move on. This is 25 years ago dude. People change. Jason apparently not…

  9. DrSnausage

    Guns 'n Roses flamed out like a bad case of herpes

  10. DrSnausage

    Guns 'n Roses is such a shitty band…fuck Axel..he's a douche nozzle.

  11. jon nuanez

    I wanted to go see that tour until I read reports that King Axl didn't come on stage till 1 or 2am, etc. Sure enough-LA Coliseum show…2:30am. F that.

  12. CLuv

    We all know that G&R are fucktards, hence why everyone left Axl and the only way they can do a reunion is by paying the ACTUAL musicians fucktons of money to even be associated with axl

  13. Yertle The Turtle

    He’s such a loss for Metallica

  14. Rusty Cockering

    Yeah, the "Not In This Lifetime" Tour didn't draw much.

  15. MR 333

    Good job dude…

    You play good bass…

    Keep the faith…

  16. Ashfar Azfar

    Happy Birthday Jason.

  17. divineheretic82

    He’s right. Very humbling interview. I like how he says looking down on people that look up to you is the worst thing you can do.

  18. Ashfar Azfar

    Very humble man.
    When it's coming from Jason, you know it's true.

  19. Skred 679

    Dude Jason just burned GNR so hard and it was so accurate oh my God that was great

  20. spack, j s

    I love Jason. I miss him in Metallica. But Metallica moved on. Guns and Roses were a cautionary tale back in the day, but today, they have their shit together, and are doing pretty well, a long with Metallica. Jason's out in the cold now.I mean he still has all his millions. God love him. He can do whatever he wants in life but here he is sitting on the sidelines for the last 18 years, and sometimes, being a part of something bigger than life is worth all the money in the world. He isn't doing shit now.

  21. Grumpy468

    G&R is a joke. lol over rated LA glam band.