JULY TALK – the debut album
Available worldwide from September 19th (ex North and South America)
France and UK available September 22nd

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  1. Saw these guys live and I can't stress how amazing it was; such an intimate gig and I enjoyed every second. His voice is out of this world and hers too — they have such good chemistry it makes the whole thing run well. It's not just their music, but the show they put on with it. Obsessed with these guys!

  2. July Talk is soo good. I need to see them the nex time they come to Calgary! Stoked they are Canadian I might not have to wait too long.

  3. their voices couldn't be any more different. it shows opposites attract as they lead into beautiful melodic harmonies together. Without each other i wouldn't be a listener

  4. Now I love buscemi but the dude does not look like buscemi, I can see a little mark hamill yes, but give the guy a break, clearly one of the loveliest and most hard working guys around, but absolutely nothing like buscemi and I love buscemi.

  5. Leah looks like a completely different person with this short blonde hair than she does with her long brunette hair. Kind of freaks me out a bit.

  6. I always pictured the guy as a huge bald bearded monster of a man, haha. Good band, something other than the cookie cutter crap that's out there.