1. I know the rights guaranteed to me by the Constitution, and one of them is the right to bear arms in defense of myself, my livelihood, and the people I love. You wanna take my guns? You try it. You fucking try it. I know my rights, and no one, NO ONE, will take them away.

  2. I have learned something in my short life . (18) , and that is that banning guns won't stop killings, rapes etc etc . we will always find a way to kill and torture each other . you wanna stop it ?.wanna make the world a nice friendly place ? .line up every mother fucker on this big blue shit covered marble and put a bullet in there head . that's how you'll stop all the hate .

  3. I like how no one is saying that Donald Trump is a illuminati puppet don't say it's a conspiracy when it's actually true The Congress/ Illuminati as been proven guilty with evidence of trying to control America and no one will fight back there's 3 steps to revolution Protest,Get Followers,Fight No matter who is president there is still a master controlling these puppets or else we would have explored more than ?

  4. how is there gonna be a #voteblack commercial on a Justin Moore song …. I don't support that shit and never will ! however thanks for posting the video

  5. treat others how u wanna be treated that's how I live I don't talk about u don't talk about me. Unfortunately I know people that don't live like that

  6. they can't take our 2nd admindment no matter how they try it will b over ruled by the people and they don't want war on the us soil so they can try and it will be a war in time to believe it won't b south vs north it will be stupid supporters vs the real true Americans of this country stop being a little suit wearing panty in a wad puss and shoot a gun I bet yah they ain't ever been round one