LA Guns The ballad of Jayne


  1. we didn't know then that the 80s just might have been the greatest..or at least second greatest period in the history of rock. hard to beat the 70s..but man there was just a vibe in the 80s.

  2. And her name, like heaven radiated upon Eath, She was light and time, bound my soul with her perfect word. And I a fool, denied perfection.

  3. I remember when I was in L.A. and actually saw these guys play. Pirate Radio was the first time I heard them on the radio. Never would have guessed I would see them here. My first love…

  4. such a great song.. takes me back to way back when.. how great was the music back then?.. so much more than pretty faces and catchy tunes.. this was music, lyrics and art so beautifully put together… awesome 🙂

  5. love this so much. beaulfully touching song. . I grew up listening to these type of balketts. was my first music I listen to . and picked out for myself I was practically a baby still.