Lynyrd Skynyrd — Gods & Guns

01. Still unbroken [5:07] 02. Simple life [3:17] 03. Little thing called you [3:58] 04. Southern ways [3:49] 05. Skynyrd nation [3:53] 06. Unwrite that song [3:50] 07. Floyd [4:04] 08. That ain’t my America [3:45] 09. Comin’ back for more [3:29] 10. God & guns [5:45] 11. Storm [3:15] 12. Gifted hands [5:23]

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  1. What an amazing band. Masters of so many styles of rock. Michal BLN, thank you for your list of the tracks and their times. It was most helpful!

  2. God & Guns e Second Heping.. os melhores albuns na minha opinião.. 
    mas Lynyrd em si é a melhor banda junto com Metallica…
    amo mt mt mt

  3. with only 2 original members and not single great original song in 30 years this is in fact a tribute to how great LS really was. And, Ronny was the soul and leader of the band. So in reality LS died in that plane crash. But it can be hard to turn down the money and some people refuse to let go. So it is impressive they have people showing up and buying tickets and loving the show. I wish them no ill will.      

  4. How could us true Skynyrd fans get so luck as to have little brother step in and keep it going, I'll take this over no Skynyrd any day and LOVE it!!!!!

  5. So if you don't have the equipment to enjoy this come to my house and experience it in a better way.  Cerwin Vega's sound pretty GOOD! Jammin!  Sounds Good!  70's Rock Still Kicikin!

  6. I wonder how many fans of this know about the song Tomorrow's Goodbye. Feels like they are just trying to cater to a market of truck driving hillbillies, and nothing wrong with that (part of me is one), but their is no concept of God or guns to shoot if all these trucks keep us chained to the oil companies and corporations.

  7. Es increíble que una música tan maravillosa esconda un pensamiento tan peligroso:

    God and guns 
    Keep us strong 
    That's what this country 
    Was founded on 

    Y al que no opine como yo, lo mato. Igualito que los yihadistas.

  8. Know what? This album FUCKING rocks!! It aint the original Skynyrd no…but it stands on its own, great recording of some great songs that really kick ass! I'm from the deep southeast and I know where these guys come from…the Hard Ass Streets of J-Ville's west side. I lived right the fuck there forever so I really love these dudes!!

  9. Lynyrd Sknyrd ….thank you for this album, you just keep this awesome music alive, you guys are the best…..The Legend lives on,