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Brave New Films and Robert Greenwald are taking on the National Rifle Association and the gun manufacturers. Making a Killing: Guns, Greed, and The NRA tells the stories of how guns, and the billions made off of them, affect the lives of everyday Americans. It features personal stories from people across the country who have been affected by gun violence, including survivors and victims’ families. The film exposes how the powerful gun companies and the NRA are resisting responsible legislation for the sake of profit — and thereby putting people in danger.

Through this film and campaign, Brave New Films will work with partners to fight for a country where public safety is more valued than profit.


Making a Killing is a game changer, leveraging innovative distribution technology to accelerate systemic change. Together we are going to reframe the debate because the right to safety should always triumph over greed. We may not have as much corporate sponsorship money as the NRA but we have you, and the thousands of others who believe in this film and are ready to take on the NRA once and for all.


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Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are at the forefront of the fight to create a just America. Using new media and internet video campaigns, Brave New Films has created a quick-strike capability that informs the public, challenges corporate media with the truth, and motivates people to take action on social issues nationwide. Brave New Films’ investigative films have scrutinized the impact of U.S. drone strikes; the prosecution if whistleblowers; and Wal Mart’s corporate practices.

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  1. jim kittelberger


  2. Tracey Clay

    First and foremost I sympathize with anyone who has had to deal with tragedy related to gun violence or accidents. whith that said. This show seems more like one sided propaganda to me. lately we have seen knife weilding whackos on campuses and jackasses hijacking semi trucks or using plain old autos as swift and deadly weapons with the intention to harm or kill. The fact is bad things happen, and trying to prevent every aspect of every scenerio is impossible.
    Now "We" or should I say "many in society" are redirecting or placing blame on others for the actions of the guilty. Which is an extremely dangerous concept and creates a blatent and intentional attack on the innocent. I understand most think that thier intentions are good and justified, but this is a very slippery slope. Eroding the Constitution. Violating the civil rights or liberties of the innocent. You do not need others to save you from yourself. You need to save yourself from others.

  3. Karina Callirgos
  4. Karina Callirgos

    Get a life, you will never take our guns away.

  5. Scott Hanson

    Total BS anti-gun propaganda.  Case in point- dubbed in gunfire sounds- Supposed 22 Glock that sounds like a .45.   Obviously people with mental health issues should not have guns, or cars, or go to public places like schools, theaters, shopping malls etc.

  6. Scaaty Lobo

    This "movie" was the biggest pile of poo that was ever made to highlight how the director could make MORE gun shots on camera and more noise [ they report 3 shots = and produce 10 ].
    Sorry but the FACTS are not as represented.The " thousands" of gun deaths  also include the deaths of CRIMINALS at the hands of armed citizens .
    CITIZENS who would be dead if not for that horrid gun they owned.
    The numbers also include the deaths of CRIMINALS at the hands of police while the CRIMINAL is trying to kill them.
    Sadly the numbers include suicides that might have been prevented IF they had gotten the help they needed. 
    So take your grandizment and hoopla about "gun violence" and shove it up Rosie's butt.
    Its not the gun,its the person,like those that Obama let loose before he left office = fear them.

  7. gjm666

    Director Robert Greenwald, Hmmm. This is a LEFTIST (communist) political documentary. Connect the dots. They are pulling out all the stops to blame guns on all the violence. Any sane American can see right through this BS. Once again the MSM not ashamed to televise this propaganda. Don't give up rour rights!

  8. Chen Zian

    More mis-information by hypocritical individuals. You cannot impose YOUR way of life on others because you dislike guns. How many people were stabbed/cut/robbed with a knife last year? Wanna ban knifes? Blame culinary art schools for not doing more?
    Being arrogant does NOT make you right. FYI.

  9. sactac gaming

    the people behind this documentary are the real monsters

  10. Atlantean

    What utter horseshit. Tell this to the tens of thousands of people alive today because they had a gun during a violent home invasion or robbery attempt.

  11. Jim Blane


  12. M Carnes

    we shouldnt blame the retarded kid that STEALS his parents gun and commits murder X20, nor should we blame the hood rat that grew up in a home without a father that was ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOCKING UP A HOOD RAT BabyMama in HEAT….nor should we blame an Xlamist For exterminating the people who do not believe in his imagianry friend xllah…..You are absolutely right….it is a sad day in the world……….You are a Xucking Xdiot. please move out of this repoblic and go to Europe or California…..same thing….i will defend the U.S. Constitution from ALL enemies , foriegn or domestic……………WITH MORE THAN A BALL BAT……..WE ARE HERE…..WE ARE ARMED…..GET USED TO IT !

  13. its Me

    Over the years before the internet, I did research from state police resources, libraries, hospital libraries, bought books on the subject, and any place that leads would take me. One thing that I found when the news media was having circus at Stockton, CA about the shooting of the five children, a little girl by the name of Jennifer Mohr was being rape and strangle in Novato, Ca. On thinking about it we don’t look at homicide in America but just at firearms. When I started to look at it in that manner I realize that we have 68% of the homicides are done by firearms in which we have 20,000 plus federal, state, and local laws. With 32% non-firearms are persona non grata. What we need to do is to break the cycle of dynamics violence or the lack of moral control and self-esteem. One of the interesting things I found out when you look at the communities of Africa decent they commit 50% of the homicides (FBI) where in the Asian communities the homicide rate is almost a goose egg. And which gun control law stop Ted Bundy and how many did he killed? In merry old England looking at the nonfirearms rate they are a few point below us. Using the faze “common sense” is very ambiguous as at one time Dread Scott was common sense. BTW what ever happen to the Brady Law I thought that was the magic elixir for gun control.

    A law, most any law is a common agreement, a handshake if you will, that we shall have a punishment for violating those law, however what make a law work in general is the moral believe behind it.
    Let’s say Adam Lanza had one shot rifle then is the question which of one of twenty six children would you allowed him to kill. If you agree to more gun control in which we have between 18,000 to 20,000 plus laws on the books, then you are agreeing that he can kill as long as he has the political correct weapon. Or would you rather try to break the psychological need to kill. This is just an excises on futilely.

    John Wilkes Booth in 1865, use a single shot pistol to change the world.

    Lee Harvey Oswald use a scope bolt action rifle to change the world.

    We still don’t know how many women Ted Bundy killed with a firearm.

  14. brianjcavanaugh

    These people were killed by CRIME, not by gun ownership. This is propaganda to get you to support their efforts to take away your rights. And once they're gone, you don't get them back. Brave New Films are Leftist propagandists. Think Goebbles.

  15. Seseous

    "You don't hunt with an AR-15 unless you're hunting humans." Well, that's kind of awkward, since I've used an AR-15 several times for hunting, as have many of my friends and family. As far as I can remember, I've never hunted a human. Methinks this is a bit of ignorance mixed with hyperbole. It will likely do as well as Ms. Sloan.

  16. Tanya Simpson

    Please present facts not twisted lies. This is full of lies to take personal repsobility away and blame it on tool.

  17. Victor Smith

    People need something to blame and instead of blaming the people behind the gun they just say get rid of guns.

  18. YourFreedom1st

    What a joke. Sad simple minded people brainwashed by this dribble.

  19. Shendoah .50 Caliber

    damn ignorant anti-gun pundits just dont know when to quit with the lies.

  20. smiley pony

    this is the real america

  21. smiley pony

    i like it

  22. AK

    that 80 deaths a day is raw numbers, that includes self defense, suicides, police shootings, and also gang violence.

    remove those numbers and you are left with a small portion of the numbers something close to 9,000. you are safe that's for sure, that's a very low percentage of being involved in a gun crime, js.

  23. ronbotex

    Inanimate metal objects do not do any harm on their own. Some people make a conscious and willful DECISION to hurt or kill. Gun control is effectively dead while the GOP holds the presidency, Congress, Senate and almost 3/4 of the states. Elections have consequences, and this silly movie will be ignored just like big budget flix, "Miss Sloane" was.

    Oh wait… this was published over a year(Jan 2016) ago so this joke never made an impact.

  24. Lee E

    Thank God for the NRA. Without them these nutjobs might succeed in taking away our ability to protect ourselves.

  25. Cristiano Mendes

    Endorsed by someone hiding behing professional goons armed to the teeth hey Senator Loretta Weinberg !!? Ur an hiprocrite

  26. Parker Xavier

    Let's eliminate the drugs, and the thugs and you'll see "gun violence" drop 50%. Now let's fix the mental health system, get people the help they need and you''ll see the next sizable drop in "gun violence" go away since we're dealing with suicides in that number.

  27. Proud Nation

    Want to stop violent people? Lets start by building a wall and cleaning up our Ghettos. After that, lets turn back to God and away from moral degeneration. Thats how you essentially can fix the problem you discuss. Guns don't kill, people do.

  28. Proud Nation

    This is communist anti-American propaganda. These people are traitors to the true american way of life.


    "you don't hunt with an ar15 unless you are hunting humans". Shut the fuck up, You don't know a damn thing about hunting. There are Tens of Thousands of people who hunted Deer, pig, Moose, and many others with the AR platform TODAY. Want to know why it seems like no one is listening to you on guns? THEY DO NOT RESPECT YOU BECAUSE YOU DON"T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FIREARMS YET YOU TRY TO ACT LIKE YOU KNOW BEST. This smug, pretentious attitude is why I(someone who voted for obama in 08) have become more and more "conservative" in my views. Modern Progressivism is spiraling farther and farther into the sewer.

  30. zgrillo2004

    Anti 2nd amendment farce that is being supported by marxists that want you to surrender your right to bear arms.

  31. Stephen Holmstock

    We hunt with AR-15's in Ambler Alaska… 223.. great hunting rifle. This video is an attack on our gun rights. Robert Greenwald is a socialist turncoat. Disarm America and insert Globalism is the moral of this video. BULLSHIT!

  32. Stephen Holmstock

    People kill people… end of story. If she had a gun… she'd be alive. End of story.

  33. Mark Malave

    I had to come back, forgot to dislike this video/propaganda. #2A

  34. Robert Jensen

    Here's the thing: interviewing the relatives of people who were shot to death will ALWAYS produce a ridiculously biased and skewed picture of what guns are all about.

    Look, I can't blame these relatives for hating guns.
    If I lost a love one to someone driving a car too fast, I'd likely campaign to lower speed limits all over the place, or even outlaw powerful cars.

    If my loved one jumped off a tall bridge, I'd probably campaign to get big barrier fences on top of the bridge.

    My point is, the relatives of loved ones who are shot to death, are precisely the people you do NOT want making policy. There is absolutely no way that people like this can be fair-minded, reasonable, and unbiased about this subject.

  35. Steve Kramer


  36. suk

    Will this film also cover the millions and billions made by war profiteers such as Sen. Feinstein, the Clintons, and the Bushes who are involved w/ selling military-grade weapons to friends and enemies alike throughout the world? Will it cover the billions of people killed by the warmongers that have ruled most first world countries (USA, Stalinist Russia, Communist China, NATO, etc.) for over a century now? Will it cover the history of the NRA which was formed after the Civil War to aid the newly freed slaves in arming themselves against a still hostile, Democrat-controlled South that was committed to disarming, disenfranchising, and ultimately disappearing any "uppity Negros" who dared exercise their rights as free Americans? Will it cover the FBI statistics that clearly show that as more and more Americans buy guns, the violent gun crimes have actually gone down? Or the statistics that show that Democrat-controlled cities w/ harsh gun laws actually have the highest #'s of violent gun deaths? Or that almost all of the mass killings involving guns happen in "Gun-free Zones"? Or the statistics that show that far more citizens use their guns for legitimate self-defense compared to actual gun deaths from crimes and accidents?

    Or is this just another anti-gun propaganda documentary made to pacify liberals so they'll be easy targets when the shit hits the fan, so to speak? Just wondering!!!! If you are up for answering me, I'd love a reply! Thanks

  37. CessnaDriver2

    Hey, go ahead and try to repeal the 2nd amendment if you wish. The NRA is a constitutional RIGHTS organization that is about protecting the 2nd amendment. Gun control is a myth and will work about as great as alchohol prohibition, how's that drug control working out by the way? Demonizing people that support LEGAL use of guns and constitutional rights by law abiding citizens is political propaganda BS.

  38. droberts12345yt

    I'm the one that gives the NRA money because they protect the second amendment and I protect myself.

  39. John Lopopolo

    Too much fail in this video to comment on.

  40. jcoopw

    Nonsense, put together by victims of progressive educators.

  41. Dan English

    Oh please, people out there have no idea over the years what contributions the NRA has made, try and learn instead of being liberal media driven sheep.