Massage Guns (DO THEY WORK?)


Massage guns are the new HOT item in 2020! It seems like everyone is promoting their own brand across social media…but what do they really do? Today Dr. Aaron Horschig shows a few different models, explains WHAT they do and IF you should really spend your $ on them!

TAKEAWAY: massage guns work to decrease stiffness/pain in our muscles through percussion. This tool for soft tissue mobilization can be a helpful recovery tool to effective at helping some people move better and get back to training.

My own issue with many of the massage guns is the price. If you don’t have an extra 2-3 hundred dollars to drop, don’t spend your money. Focus on the basics of recovery as these tools will not make or break you. On the other hand, if you have the $ and are serious about your recovery — this can be a good «tool in the toolbox.»

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Special thank you to Evan Pierson Productions for his help in making this video!

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  2. Eason Huang

    My Friend want to promote the product, Can you help him

  3. Alistair Reed


  4. Stefan Prole

    I got my massage gun at and its awesome. I love it so much because it easy to use and helps a lot.

  5. iForgot160

    3:273:45 can you please explain that some more i really didn’t understand. thank you.

  6. Pete w

    Are any of these made in a country other than China?

  7. Sharchop Kota

    Hi, will that help for the lower back pain?


    Bought an Equalizer Pro about 20 yrs ago and it still works great. Way better than these toys.

  9. Nikz Entertainment Network

    Sexy guy 😎😜

  10. Ashley Baber

    so i don't need this for training. i just need something to relieve back and shoulder pain.. would this be good to use instead of just going to a massage place?

  11. King 80s got a good one they even tho its just that one i seen their ads on ig they got good reviews and everything a lot of people like those ones

  12. PatRiot

    Solid video I plan to get one of these asap. Had to get a spinal fusion at 18 for a horribly herniated disc due to weightlifting. I wasn't being dumb etc. The gym had brought in bars from the squat racks to do clean and jerk on…..go figure I'm the first guy in line to try and throw it above my head with a bar that was a similar shape to a windshield wiper….. Slight curve but not particularly noticeable.
    When the bar rotated at my chest- the entire bar flexed/popped in the direction of the curve (the left side moved to the rear of me and the right side moved in front of me) ending in a rotated back with 200 lbs on it. Push the bar away as i fell backwards but the damage was done on the awkward down squat…….Both legs useless 3 days later…. totally numb and in serious agony (that word isn't used lightly)
    7 Years later I am rebuilt and running pretty strong though I don't lift the same way anymore.

    Be weary of your bars. Don't trust any bar you haven't checked that day. I walked into a room that was setup with 20 stations to do the lifts in a "speed dating" kind of way with all the guys on the team quickly doing their max to use to compete. The biggest mistake I made was not checking the bar. The main issue is the gym was fairly low budget so unsafe equipment was used for a lot longer if the problem wasn't affecting that lift station- until you try to use it for something else….then life altering injury.

    I'm leaving this comment on a massager video- but I ended up here from mad tension that can't be relieved by humans hands x D
    Maybe one or two people check their bars and don't get broke. Would be awesome to see less people end up like me- seriously injured while doing not doing the lift incorrectly(form/execution was not the issue as anyone around could see). Shit happens but maybe not to you after you read this 🙂

  13. Notorious B.B.B

    Doing serious rolling is a workout in itself if you're tight

  14. Zachariah Kim

    Top 7 massage guns of 2020 review blog — hope it helps some of y’all. I read this before purchasing mine.

  15. SteMir ReViews


  16. Joshua Davies

    Sure i'll whip out my massage gun infront of my friends because im serious about my recovery

  17. Aaron Andrews

    Jesus he said a lot of things to really say not much at all..

  18. Mdu Nhlebela

    great review! tell me. do you think this devices would be any beneficial to someone who is paralysed (sci)?

  19. Lenin John

    Can it be used for a lower back massage?

  20. Mukund Gaur

    Can it help release muscle knot?

  21. All Videos

    Shit feels lit tho

  22. Michel M

    Does this help with herniated disc lower backpain spasm.

  23. Julia Pirog

    all 3 work great for beans!

  24. Nathan Oliver

    A lot of Weight lifters use these pre workout is this not recommended then and use it after workouts more so as you stated here?

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  26. nelsie zamora


  27. bobo rich

    69 euros on amazing . great quality

  28. Rebecca, Robles

    I appreciate your honesty , I was looking at this after a car accident . I did physical therapy and two injections. I got discharged but was looking into these

  29. aussiesimmo

    I use a $40 car buffer.