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When you mention guns, the UK is definitely not the first place you’d think of. But, there are more than 700,000 firearm owners in Britain, and nearly 2 million guns. Some describe being a British gun owner as being part of a “secret community”, due to the stigma that is often attached. Benjamin Zand goes on a journey to meet Britain’s legal gun owners, and finds out why some of them want more access to guns in the UK.

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  1. Dervon Bjornsonn

    American's laughing at this video, probably completely unaware that a good proportion of design, development and manufacturing of their military hardware is solely or jointly done by the British.

  2. Chris Valentine

    You can own a Pistol in the UK. Strict vetting and they are only three ways that you can own a Pistol. 1. Black Powder, Kept at home on a Firearms Certificate. 2. Pistols held under Section 7(1), collector Types, no ammunition and cannot be fired. 3. Pistols held under Section 7(3) These are in the main Target types or Historical types of special interest of pistol and are kept at a few special ranges under great security. They cannot be taken out of the range, handled by any one other that the Certificate Holder and returned to the store after use. They are even transported to the range in armored truck! The Certificate Holder is vetted and goes through many checks. It is with regret the media and the Government blow everything out of all proportion when it comes to firearms. Just think about how many deaths are caused by drunken drivers and how few by firearms. Banning smoking would save many more lives. Drug over doses kills many more and is the cause of much crime in order to pay for their habit and for many murders with the drug dealers. With the media, they love to do the shock-horror thing as they just want to sell more newspapers and the other forms of media, radio or television to promote they own ego's.

  3. Tridentgumisgood

    "I dont know anyone who has a gun. I know people who have been shot."

  4. Grizz Frank

    British Broadcast of Communists. Let this commie propaganda be the reason you go out and purchase a rifle and take up the hobby of target shooting.

  5. Matthew Hooks

    And asking him for ID? He's just passed him one of the best forms of ID available. Check it for tampering, sure, but there is no point asking for further ID.

  6. Matthew Hooks

    Interesting they choose the videos of handguns, which are not legal in the UK, to illustrate the guys channel. It looked like it was going to be that most unusual of things, the properly balanced piece on guns, and then they let the Law Commission idiots in and it went downhill from there.

  7. caleb massey

    Machine gun? Prettie sure that was a hunting rifle.

  8. Austin SE

    I'm British and im glad I will never witness or see a gun crime in my life

  9. This is fine

    "Criminals don't hold laws anyway…"
    Must be the most stupidest argument ever uttered by human brain.

    The CRIMINAL literally means a person who breaks the law. So… OF COURSE THEY DON'T CARE.

    That's why laws exist in the first place. To make selling guns harder. You want to get rid of laws because bad guys don't abide them, guess what? They DO ABIDE THEM because getting illegal gun is way more expensive and they can't find a legal guns either… so they are by the nature of business forced to follow the law.

    The real criminals are these stupid idiot politicians who want to just increase gun crime and then excuse their right wing hate on the poor fighting among themselves.

  10. Johnny-bravo BIG boy.

    i lowe my howa 1500 ,308 i use for 600m distance sport training… on 100m i make 1pond groups with ease…

  11. KurtB

    The Hungerford "massacre". 12 dead, RIP. 12 people probably die every 5 hours on British highways. You'll get 12 dead from motorcycle accidents alone every 2 days. Better ban motorcycles. No one "needs a motorcycle." They are a luxury. Use the bus. Or buy a car.

  12. KurtB

    You poor bastards… if this is typical of your media's view of firearms… wow. what was once the greatest empire in the world appears to be at the mercy of a jihadi with a machete. Yes, you succeeded in this with a campaign of stigma. And BBC — keep your shit "investigative reporters" and pseudo-documentaries OUT of our country, the USA. You don't live here, so F off.

  13. hausy

    I wonder when the UK will make cars and trucks illegal. I mean, they are constantly used by Islamist's to murder people after all.

  14. Rusty Guns

    Oh it holds more rounds so you could kill more people? so lets ban planes because you could crash one and kill lots of people too. And don't forget in the UK it's not a homicide unless someone is convicted. In the US when we find a body without a head or arms we call it a homicide with or without a conviction. For you UK gun owners, the gun owners in the US understand your frustration, CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS, even when they're in prison. And no amount legislation will ever change that.

  15. Forty1Second

    LOL @ England

  16. AccursedOmega

    In UK, shooting is clearly for the rich! Out of 64 Million people only 700,000 gun owners? They're just keeping guns out of poor & working class people!

  17. Janne Thiebaud

    The British NEED to arm themselves, if they want to keep their own country. Civil war is coming between muslims and the rest, and a gun is far more effective than knives or throwing stones.

  18. portaccio

    So much jingoistic knob waving in the comments.

  19. ShintyShinto

    This type of shit makes me wanna move to the US.

  20. Ethan Williams

    BBC The brainwash Brits Channel Family being murdered or raped you must watch patiently wait for police to get there. Remember if you protect them you will be arrested for assault when they arrive. (BBC force fed for the new moron culture)

  21. the dude

    people kill people , not guns !

  22. Norad

    keep voting for liberals , you're gonna end up with nothing.

  23. Daryl Keetom

    don't fear the gun fear the people behind it

  24. Daryl Keetom

    these guys wouldn't last long in Texas

  25. Almighty Latin King

    lol how cute.. brits with their .22 capguns

  26. Jack theripper

    if I lived in England id carry a gun even if it was illegal I would not give up my god given right to defend myself and others. this whole ant gun thing in England makes England a country of victims.

  27. Tom Eason

    Why is it that a gun owner who's had access to a firearms license for 6-7+ years and has a clear criminal record cannot own a semi automatic rifle or pistol? It's stupid

  28. Tom Eason

    How can you make laws for criminals? Basically all firearms owned by criminals are illegal

  29. ThinkPlex

    British people are so nice…too nice