Mount And Blade Bannerlord But I Use Guns To Break The Game — Can You Beat Bannerlord With Guns?


Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Mount And Blade Bannerlord the latest and greatest release in the mount & blade series. Today we release the strongest weapon in bannerlord onto calradia and ask the question Can You Beat Bannerlord With Guns. After all in a world filled with shields and swords how powerful is the man who leads an army of minigun totting crossbowmen with the ability to take out forces many times their size. So find out if you can indeed parry this you filthy casual and if you could survive in Mount and Blade With Guns! Trust we we have broken this game…

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

Here is the very funny bannerlord mod:

So sit back relax and enjoy this Can You Beat Bannerlord With Guns challenge!

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Title: Mount And Blade Bannerlord But I Use Guns To Break The Game — Can You Beat Bannerlord With Guns?

Last Game Break Video: Mount And Blade Warband But I use Guns To Break The Game — Can You Beat Mount And Blade With Guns?

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  1. The Spiffing Brit

    Parry this you filthy casuals!!!

  2. noseeb

    Archer only vid 😁

  3. Kissalude

    think ill buy this game on sale just to do this.

  4. AncientSlugThrower

    Mount and Blade never changes.

  5. Elia Hagel

    Do archer only

  6. Jonte Allan

    Eyo you gotta tell how the crosebow go bangbangbang

  7. Itz_ RAY

    i love ur videos and voice 😀 love from india

  8. Atlantian Cyclops

    1:55 last time you promised me an item, I may or may not have used that atomic bomb to eradicate a small city. Can't wait for my new toy!

  9. lakkakka

    I think I prefer the more subtle game breaking mechanics lol. Big sad I don’t have a good gaming pc.

  10. Kye Hill

    You gotta do a kingdom come diliverence game

  11. Panda Banana

    Is there an automatic ballista? That would be pretty OP

  12. Felix Bennett

    MOAR BANNERLORD. Okay shout given Sir Spiff

  13. Dragothic Gaming

    download the mod "just let me play" it kills the main mission and just drops you in the world with your brother killed off and no world wide fetch quest lol

  14. findus3d

    All the crossbows was always in but and they were quite common but it was quite bugged in the first few weeks that you couldnt use them cuz you didnt have enough crossbow lvl to use them, so you had to do as you said and pick them up from People in battles and lvl it up that way but that is long fixed dude.. now you can always use the light crossbow from the start.

  15. P-rem

    i see the Great Hog Trade has not gone un noticed

  16. Tijan Sigin

    ah, I see, they follow the Viking style of recruitment
    "Well, ya' killed my friends, family, pillaged and ransacked my home town, and left my bleeding on the floor… so… You've proven your worth and I will fight to you all the way to Valhalla!"

  17. Trautmann Martin

    yeah make it happen man! Show us the archers!

  18. Worldowner

    usually, i'm against all violence. But when it comes to coffee drinkers — they all must die!)

  19. Dolphin Rider

    Bruh have they patched the trade thing yet???

  20. Private Frizz

    Bannerlord: Realism

    Spiff: What is that?

  21. SergeantAradir

    I think its just a british desire to grab a machinegun and go conquer some unsuspecting people who were just minding their own goddamn buisness

  22. BOB

    I’m just waiting for the naruto mod with the machine gun shurikan

  23. Brian

    I like that bario does all the executing himself

  24. Lou

    So.. no exploit — just modded game files?

  25. OMC


  26. Ethan whittinghill

    with all these decapitations you would think its the french revolution

  27. Jed Evans

    spiff = walking war crime

  28. Patrick Holt

    JoergSprave sees nothing unusual about the performance of this crossbow.

  29. Katina Manolarakis

    Elder Scroll 6 is coming out 2024 so you're going to have to wait

  30. ッBucci_Baccoon

    you should try the siege exploit in conquers blade your men hide by the siege towers until the enemy pushes up and you can make a line while your archers sit in the towers picking them off.

  31. Richard P

    At 1:36 tell me that's not Vin Diesel in his early 20's . Love your vids man! Hello from Nc.

  32. Bond of Travolta

    "I will show you its features HAHAHAHA"

  33. DSPhony

    there are at least two crossbows in this game. my character has a "hickory crossbow" that's about half again as good as the light crossbow.

  34. Mr. Duno9

    I'd hope you can't actually soft-lock your game by executing a king. That'd be a bit of an oversight.

  35. SA Gaming At Its Finest

    Wait… Spiff didn't jump in the middle of the video and remind me to drink tea.

  36. D Bremps

    Is it wrong that I'd love to sit down and watch you finish your -genocide- Total destruction of the northern lords?

  37. secrated

    is that machinegun crossbow a mod?

  38. Wayne Donaldson

    Archer only party please spiff

  39. RyanTheRoo 117

    If you could do the archer only army thing. But then also do, Crossbows only that would be a real laugh.

  40. Gary McKinnon

    I found plenty of crossbows in Vlandian territory, but i did do high initial investment in them skills-wise.

  41. marek vazny

    the game is broken enough by itself

  42. drupi_ROM

    0:54 The Samopal vz26 has a fully automatic mode, it is not semi auto only.

  43. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    "Not a slow firing semi auto pistol"

    shows picture of a fast firing full auto smg/Machine pistol

  44. Sebastian Darroch

    4:40 "Artax you're sinking!"

  45. Ryan Savering

    Brit I feel you’d have a fantastic time breaking a game called My Summer Car

  46. nader 777

    Stevan will hunt you down

  47. Plitzi

    turn off motion blur!