Narcos, Guns & Money: Chasing El Chapo PART 1


Updated January 8th, 2016: After his escape from prison months ago there has been a hunt to re-capture El Chapo. It now looks like El Chapo has been captured.

Days after Mexico’s most infamous drug lord tunneled out of a maximum security prison, Fusion’s Mariana van Zeller traveled to “El Chapo’s” home turf in Culiacán, Sinaloa to see first hand what the hunt for the most wanted man looked like, and meet the locals who are commemorating the kingpin with everything from T-shirts and hats to altars.

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  1. BOOKER TIna

    Stop the warz

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  4. In Vino Veritas

    His wife is known as " El Chaplips ",because she smoked so much of you know what…..

  5. Joseph Welhouse

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  6. KLG 360

    Tom Clancy’s ghost recon wild lands in real life

  7. Casper Audi

    This Government does the samething they do kill they rob& steal and to top of it all they get away with it too with no jail time

  8. Nicole Perrelli

    He was cute when he was Young

  9. Fixed Focus

    This country is horrible but has better road than mine..

  10. 001 002

    Mexicans are just shitty people lol

  11. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    The guy at 3:30 counting money, bags if elchapo brand hats, yeah hes got somethin else in those hats lol

  12. America it’s getting great again America

    Corrupción to the bone, from the little one to the big one, no hope for this people

  13. n nn

    also 3:06 Made in China

  14. n nn

    the most powerful (people?) Dont have Names………

  15. Roland Hernandez

    Poppy doesn't grow in Mexico

  16. Jamall Wells

    Spoiler alert he escapes then gets caught aging but its brought to American Supper max security prison so GG's in the chat for the drug lord

  17. Happy Wanderer

    Reading these comments, I realize how many degenerate people are out there.

  18. revonline

    Mexico is an idolator murderous
    Very brave woman doing a documentary of the drug kingpin of mexico

  19. eduardo gonzales

    Marijuano ???

  20. Booger TB

    This was amazing footage, thank you, such a beautiful place

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  22. Shakur Rakhimov

    El Chapo his from Mountains



  24. Gamer Aris

    4:50 did I hear millions?

  25. Shoedi .L

    USA should really start putting the dicks in their mouths….
    The most evil and corrupt goverment evvvvver! Filthy corrupt whore of an establishment.
    I wonder how the war on terror turned out…? Wierd coincidence that Afhanistan has shit loads of Opiates… Makes you wonder he?….
    Lets go back to Vietnam. Where so many souls died so you fucking Gov cunts could smuggle in heroin in their coffins.

    Judgemnet day will come for allll these cunts contributing to that goverment. And if it s not in your lifetime.. it will happen in the lifetime of your kids … of grandkids.
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    And we all know who controls all these powers…. Definatly not "Democracy"….

    I bet Khadaffi s soul is shitting into Obama s mouth while he sleeps at night with his manbear.

  26. Dj Cobbs

    If drugs weren’t illegal, we wouldn’t have these problems. Humans love doing what they’re not supposed to

  27. Raymond Mohamed

    white people just always have to mind peoples business and always like to get themselves into trouble

  28. K Rezzie

    The reality is when your home town and/or state is absolutely impoverished with NO industry and a fierce criminal organization brings 100% of the money into the city (if not the entire state) and that organization employs everybody who earns any kind of money while everyone else starves to death, there's no surprise that the founder of that organization is revered as a hero. The Mexican government failed its citizens and El Chapo (and others like him) simply took advantage of it (and provided some form of relief). The real problem is drug abuse! Drug addicts are to blame for all of the mayhem involved in the drug trade. Without them there would be no El Chapo.

  29. peteon4 wheels

    His weed was awesome, how some came to the UK, I don't know, but a great smoke.