Naval Guns History


  1. time to outfit the Iowa class ships with modern nuclear propulsion…..and a nuclear capability…… a 100 kt shell…. with a 300 mile range…….

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  3. The HMS Victory may be the oldest commissioned war ship in the world. But it's not seaworthy and is in permanent dry dock. The USS Constitution is the oldest fully commissioned war ship afloat and is still in active duty today. The USS Constitution crew are full active duty US Navy officers and sailors. With a crew of 6 officers and 46 sailors.

  4. How come the British can name a ship an awesome name like the Dreadnought, but the USA gets stuck with the shit names? Who's going to run away in terror from the "Gerald Ford"? Like, before they see it.

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  8. 30:26 Learned about the blowing up of the ship Maine in Havana and Yankees going at war with Spain because of it. So the U.S. has used a probable false flag strike many times before, Pearl Harbor, 9/11

  9. No Mention of the Longest Naval Gunnery Hit?

    Your gona do something like this and not mention this? oh yea cos it wasn't a USN craft that did it

  10. Can't wait for the rail guns to be in most destroyers that can travel
    almost 220 miles and hit airborne targets with a mach 7 speed compare to
    the mk guns that can only travel 13 miles.

  11. We still can't give up the ships gun. Now it looks like the 5" rail gun is the next technological jump in navy gun technology. The USS Zumwalt destroyer will be the first ship to possibly have these guns.

  12. First the battleships and "battlecruiser" (I think soviet name for battleship? They only have 1 today, a nuclear battlecruiser, the only aircraft carrier was commisioned in (I think even December) 1990! Very short before Soviet Union collapsed and unlike Nimitz-Class (first put into service already before summer 1975) the soviet carrier has no nuclear propulsion! It has 4 engines and so there are 4 x 50,000 hp! It is very expensive, even at cruising speed fuel demand of all 4 engines is not soo low, in case they need full power the fuel use is more than 3-times as high or so…

    China bought the second carrier started production in late 80's. They completed it, did some overhaul, but they did not convert it to a nuclear ship, I think this is extreme expensive and if a ship is planned and build for oil propulsion, than not only the 2 reactors (there are always 2 strong reactors, producing many thousand horsepower each for electricity, for all the ships modern computer guided systems, for computer (of course usual military blockade of some things and soldier are not allowed to say where they are, same like at the hundreds of land bases around the world, the desalination of sea water is the 2nd or even the largest electricity user, but it makes the ship really able to be extreme long on sea if you have enough canned food, this is the only real limit, if there would be place on such ships with more than 5,000 persons (sometimes with pilots even over 7,000 or 8,000?) it could be on sea high speed for years…

    US Air Force, I only heard the TV at my work, a docu was running (I would say 2015?) and they showed the predator size! I knew its large and its form looks a bit like a cockpit without windows, but well I guess it is a giant fuel tank, electronics could be anywhere, the size is really heavy, but even mini drones/UAV's, often early models, they are still in service, if not worth for real operation, they can be used for training of the real flight control (no wonder they use very young people for this, only the officers are a bit older and were pilots once, while the kids there often did not have even 1 minute of flight experience… but they are used to gaming consoler, desktop pc's/notebooks etc…

    Already over 10,000 drones were in service in the US Military, number and size rising… predator is so large and because no space for pilot is needed, and also no need for air inside the drone, it can fly 36 hours at best… in 10 years we will have maybe even jet drones? Now turboprop is used, because it is much more efficient, thats why large transport aircraft are in almost every case still a propeller turboprop… it will take a time but US Pilots future is not sooo good……

    small drones with only 1 gun shot and very small size (and range), middle-range and the large "giants" like the Predator… I think a "larger small size" drone with at least a few shots from a gun like a machine gun and with a camera and a CPU for different views (heat, night camera and so on) will be produced in large numbers.

    I think wars starting from around ~2040 will be very different as the last conventional conflicts we know…