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Welcome to a Black Ops 4 livestream!

I decided to stream the new «Operation Apocalypse Z» event so I could cover everything that was added.

I tried to get the new M16 and Havelina AA50 sniper from the reserve cases and weapon bribe, but I wasn’t so lucky…

I also got to play the new Pandemic mode which was a lot of fun!

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Outro Song: Machina — Pixel Terror

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Thanks for watching!

Erik — M3RKMUS1C

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  1. They made skins and charms unboxable for only the single weapon its shown on? God damn, talk about bloating the lootboxes to destroy the odds of the stuff you actually want. Im so glad I didn't buy this shitty game.

  2. I haven’t got any guns and there is only 2 I want ballistic knife and crossbow

    And I even bought the most expensive edition and you get barely anything