This is so crazy we found all five guns under one bridge! Cops was happy!


  1. Those weapons could easily be either cleaned and repaired and be fit to use… or they been used in violent crime… ??.. wow amazing finds from one days fishing.. ???

  2. The video would be more tolerable if you didn't have that crappy background music and the filmmaker/host offered a bit more explanation and monolog or dialog <if working with a companion> to break up the tediousness of the video. The lousy music choice did nothing to improve the film.

  3. What was the story on the weapons? Stolen? Doubt they were dumped after criminal act,as the muzzle loading 1860 Army model pistol, Colt or reproduction,is not a likely choice for a criminal to make. It is entirely possible they were legitimate guns,dumped by a anti gun person who inherited,or took them from another that was not competent to own them,or simply an anti gun type took them and disposed of them in a do gooder save us from ourselves act.

  4. I think someone had guns that was not suppose to and he knew the cops were coming for him, or his ex girl friend told cops he had guns so he threw them in there and he ended up arrested anyway, those were some nice guns, must have been stolen

  5. well eat that California. so much for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals… only the ones who don't have a magnet and a length of line!

  6. The snubby looks like a rossi .38, the long pistol looks like a reproduction remington cap n ball gun, lots of copies out there, the combat shotgun looks like a Rem or similar, maybe a Mossberg. None are real valuable after being in the water awhile.

  7. I like how after finding the 5th guns he wants to show us them all… Like he knew the 5th gun was the last in the river, not when they only had 3 or 4. 😉 There is something Fishy here….