Shooting and discussing some of the guns of Red Dead Redemption 2. I don’t mean to be rude, but please watch the video before demonstrating ignorance about what’s going on in the world regarding entertainment. John and I get perhaps a uniquely broad perspective on the firearms-based video games, due to the wide variety of firearms we enjoy and do videos on. There are still folks out there who labor under the illusion that only pimply-faced fourteen-year-old teenagers play video games. 🙂
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  1. I went to Pennsylvania Gunsmith School. We all loved first-person shooter video games. I have guns I bought and fixed based on the fact I loved them in a game. So my hat is off to you for shedding light on the positive benefits of video games. There are games giving a very real sense of these firearms and breaking kids away from the indoctrination they are receiving from the "education" system. Not everyone grew up in an environment where they grew up getting to have this experience. The biggest problem today is people like to look for reasons to fight with each other. Can we not all realize we all share an interest in firearms and see we all have common ground to agree on? Absolutely great video!

  2. That was some good wisdom at 7:00. I keep seeing those comments trying to be gatekeepers of guns. The same people talking crap about video games are the same people who will sit in front of a tv all night watching someone else play sports. As if getting drunk and yelling at sports teams you have no control over is some how better than playing video games. It’s an outdated way of thinking, video games are insanely fun if people give them a chance. A lot of people are missing out of something they might enjoy.

  3. I am yet to see a game that accurately portrays Volcanic pistol. I've used it in Gun (2005, Activision) and in Call of Juarez. I've seen it in Red Dead Redemption 2 and even there they made it eject shell casings that are not supposed to exist, because rocket ball was caseless ammo.
    In Call of Juarez, it had performance of Ruger Redhawk with handloaded rounds.

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