Sanders: Trump not backing away on guns


White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says President Trump is not backing away from gun reform legislation following the release of his proposals on guns and school safety.

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  1. Dan Richardson

    I've never posted a YouTube video — Yet YouTube has taken down my channel for commenting on the videos of others relating to the mainstream media using scared children to disarm good US citizens. It is a fact that all the chosen mass shooting locations were disarmed by Government Forced Gun Free Zones — which is in direct violation of our 2nd Amendment… clearly demonstrates the agenda of a growing tyrannical government.

    This reminds me of the Salem Witch Burnings……as this was also caused by scared screaming children…..who observed some women struggling with minor schizophrenia…talking to themselves.

    So the children accused them of talking to the Devil. So the women were burned to death at the steak.
    It's not the gun.

    It is the politicians, who have been using dead children by disarming good citizens and disarming children's schools….which welcomes and enables psycho-shooters — causing mass shootings…..then Democrat Politicians standed on the graves of the children which the Gov had disarmed — while pointing at the guns of good citizens.

    The people need capable rifles — as a "Deterrent" to TYRANNY and DEMOCIDE !!!!! Study your History relating to our previous tyrannical Government….The British. If they had lists to the addresses of gun-owners, then those families would have been attacked first !!!!

    And study Democide — and you will see that there are much worse things than mass shootings !!!!! We can stop the mass shootings by arming our schools. Do NOT allow your Gov to disarm your children's schools…..causing mass shootings…..then attempting to take your capable rifles while arming Gov Offices with even more capable rifles !!!!

    Long before my channel was taken down for comments only…….many other viewers told me that they cannot see my comments……. but I can see them. Explain that one ??????? Sound like "READ ACCESS" control to me !!! I bet Snowden knows how to do that :-/

  2. Tea Tard

    The bloated and prolapsed anus takes to the stage and spews nothing but lies. She is a fucking disgrace

  3. rotweissrot100

    Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures three students in safety lesson

  4. Bloodthirsty Vegan

    The love child of Andre the Giant and Mama Cass Elliot.

  5. tim ronan

    TRUMP TRUMP!!! MAGA!!! Just in: Clinton foundation is now being investigated. STILL NOT TIRED OF WINNING!!!!

  6. Med 71

    You Democrats are just disgusting.

  7. Matt Brada

    "Hi, my name is Sarah Huckabee Sanders and I'm just as big of a liar and coward as Trump is. We are both both blatant lying cowards. Oh, we pretend we're Christians too."

  8. stopingrain.

    Guns bring nothing but troubles.They must be baned.

  9. Giovanni Soave

    Trump backing down again. No surprise.

  10. Gandalf

    I don't know what has happened to me but i can't understand a word she says anymore except for the word look.After she says look its over for me.All i hear is look,look,look,look,look,look,look,look,look,look.

  11. K Orlando, FL

    This woman represents the type of Christian I DON’T want to be. Pathological liar blindly following a person and manipulating the public. She makes me want to vomit.

  12. Democratic Mob

    Why can’t we just impeach Trump? He’s evil


    Switzerlands gun laws are the best (all citizens must own a gun)
    (Hitler never invaded, gee i wonder why)

  14. Blob Fatterson

    She is lying to appease the A.D.D non binary mouthbreathers on the left. Trump is doing good work and is sticking to his campaign promises. He knew he couldn't just ban bumpstocks but saying so quiets down the crazies.

  15. Danny v

    Meanwhile in China

  16. Frank Perino

    Trump did a complete 180 about gun control. He lied again and horribly upset the children,parents and teachers of Parkland. This horrible president has to go and at this point I don’t care how.

  17. Frank Perino

    SHS is so sad. She is ing to spit out the words “ Russia did it “ but she must be well paid or afraid of being poisoned by Trumps Russian buddies.

  18. FreeinTX

    Americans want an end to gun free zones, armed teachers, and licensed carry reciprocation. Gun laws don't stop murderers any more than drug laws stop drug dealers.

  19. S M

    Interestingly enough Trump is actually in a strong negotiating position. The democrats will obviously agree to an age limit increase if he proposes as such and if he wanted to he should be putting pressure on the NRA to compromise now. It's bodes well for him and the NRA with a Republican administration currently in power, it might even give him a bump in the polls. If he doesn't do anything and these massacres continue to happen what happens further down the track if the Democrats were to take control? If the NRA doesn't like the changes Trump is proposing now then wait for the sweeping reforms that could occur under a Democratic administration. Gun reform will happen, it's inevitable, even the power brokers of the gun lobby can't stop the tide, it's up to the NRA to determine who works best in their favour. A huge opportunity gone begging if they at least don't hear him out.

  20. JUST ME

    Sarah Huckabeast Sanders sold her soul to mop up after a Con Man Extraordinaire! Sad!

  21. Tony Brady

    She's looking rougher everyday she speaks

  22. saddist1Gtown

    Another lie from the despicable Sarah Sanders Obama wanted t to be Mr. Perfect and reached out to the GOP on every level only to be met with a stonewall every single time… He was naive enough to believe they would respect him and work with him but instead they connived and contrived to undermine every single sensible legislation he wanted for the good of the country.. This horrid lot was never about the country from the very onset of the election of Obama- It is as if they then decided to punish the entire country for the their audacity in electing the first mixed-race president… On this specific charge that Obama did nothing about gun legislation is the untruthful Mrs Sanders forgetful about the rather repugnant Mitch McConnel's derailment of the sensible plan on Guns the Obama administration came up with? Why aren't the passive media challenging this twister of the facts on the spot?

  23. Papa Woody

    Nice Eyebrows. Such an attractive “woman.”

  24. Atlantean

    There is not such thing as "Assault Weapons." Idiot liberals.

  25. Zoe Longway

    Yikes. She looks tired

  26. Fuck Google

    you can tell she's tired of the bs.