Shiny Toy Guns — Major Tom from Ultra Records. You can buy their new remix album here:


  1. I didn't even know this song was originally in English. I know the German translation by Peter Schilling from my very early childhood and my mind is being absolutely blown right now.

  2. Just got of work and heard John Glenn passed away.??⚰?
    RIP John Glenn, you are truly at home in astronauts heaven.??
    God bless, give Neil Armstrong my regards, and to all who have bravely touched the stars!

  3. I remember I was 18 when this song came out and I used to masturbate to Carah Faye Charnow almost every single fucking day, until I learned about Miley Cyrus back when she wasn't a skank and fell in love with her then.

  4. this covers really garbage, its really kinda shitty, please erase this nonsense, this track is such a pitty (sung in the tune of peter Schilling great tune not this half ass dogshit)

  5. I knew tho. so…. I let off and went to an exit and my car blew up! I really maybe wanted to die but I was happy to be maybe.. Alive? FUCKING TRASH FUCKS!