Big thanks to Henry Repeating Arms and the NRA for making this insane thing happen in such a safe and amazing way. Today is a day I will remember for the rest of my life.

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  1. I dont think this is a "world record". Hear me out first. The first and second world wars. While yes it was not recorded for the purpose of being a "record", there were most certainly battles fought in which far greater than 1,000 rifles fired at once

  2. looks like a normal day at the range in the Marine Corps. minus the 500 yrd qual. did they take into account that thousands of soldiers fired on command during the civil war? How is this a world record when it was done 161 years ago just never recorded. not even bringing up the revolutionary war or ships during both periods firing as a fleet.

  3. Congratulations on being a part of history. I just found your channel and am a huge fan. Found this one from Vet Ranch. 2 weeks ago, so am playing catch up lol

  4. 12:05 and onward…I really like those "pep talks," for a lot of reasons. It's nice to have a reminder that helps me focus on what's important. Today I'm definitely mopping floors and cooking fries. Next week, though…

  5. Out of all the wars that have ever happened, I'm sure 1000 guns have been fired at the same time…especially in the colonial days….either way this is cool

  6. 1,000 rifles at once. That's crazy honestly. But have you ever thought about how many rifles were fired at once during a war durinf the largest battles? Imagine if there was footage of that..