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Music video by Sick Puppies performing Stick To Your Guns. (C) 2016 DrillDown Entertainment Group LLC


  1. You know I kinda refused to listen to them after Shimmon left but I finally decided to give it a listen and I fucking dig it. It's like they've been reborn

  2. To everyone complaining; i've seen the original Sick Puppies in concert two times. To be honest; Shimon WAS in my opinion Sick Puppies. Emma and Mark were always absent after the show and Shimon was the only one sticking around to talk to fans. I never liked the attitude the other two had. Shimon was true to his fans. But then again; this new guy holds it together well. In this song. The rest of the album Fury is pretty mediocre and fades out in the background. Still waiting what Shimon brings to the table, actually. Screaming at Demons looks like it's on hiatus, and i think the new guy just needs to get his feet wet even more. Still rooting for team Shim though, always.

  3. I've always loved Sick Pups since the begining, they've always meant so much to me, but I have to say I love them even more since Bryan joined the band, they're new songs really speak to me on a personal note. Also they're amazing live, Bryan is so great with the audience, he's really an awesome guy. It's also a bonus that he's totally gorgeous.

  4. Plz keep up with that the old genre, I started listening to your band in elementry school, you were so different than other things and I liked it so much. I atleast hope shimon will come back, but cmon the new vocalist is good too. keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Saw them in concert yesterday, great live band and I was very pleased, wasn't expecting them to be as good as they were. But, honestly, Emma is the main reason I'm here hehe.

  6. I like the song but his voice is so generic and I don't like the image. know one asked me I know this. but the old guy made them. I don't think of sick puppies as a heavy band.

  7. you people should have changed your name when you split with shim… take a page from alter bridge… you are no longer sick puppies. I've seen you all live at least 5 times, you can't act like that same electricity you had is still there…