Snoop Lion X ASAP Rocky Back and Forth:
Snoop Lion teams up with Drake and his daughter, rising star Cori B to deliver a much-needed message of peace in his latest video, «No Guns Allowed.»

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Directed by Jessy Terrero, the video captures a poignant message of non-violence in the wake of several national tragedies. «No Guns Allowed» is the new single from Snoop Lion’s forthcoming reggae and dancehall influenced album, REINCARNATED, available on April 23, 2013. The album is executive produced by Diplo and the Major Lazer production team and will be released in conjunction with Berhane Sound System, Mad Decent, VICE Music, and RCA Records.

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«It’s a powerful song and we hope to spread a positive message that hits home with people,» says Snoop Lion. «We’ve seen too much bloodshed involving guns and we want to prevent the next incident from happening. That’s what’s it all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.»

«No Guns Allowed» is available on iTunes now and serves as the «instant grat» track when you pre-order the REINCARNATED album. REINCARNATED features Drake, Chris Brown, T.I., Busta Rhymes, Akon, U.K. singing star Rita Ora, and dancehall stars Popcaan and Mavado among others. The album also includes the peace anthem «Lighters Up» as well as the boisterous «Here Comes The King.»

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Now currently in theaters, REINCARNATED the documentary chronicles Snoop on his spiritual awakening as Snoop Lion that grew from a recent trip to Jamaica, where Snoop experienced a deep connection. The documentary was recently described by The Huffington Post as «an incredibly intimate film that captures a truly singular, captivating person as he re-examines his life and accomplishments and forges a bold new path and identity more consistent with the man he has become— a man of peace, positivity, and spirituality.»

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  1. right soo he wants no guns because if theres no guns people cant get them right? hmmm well his weed was illegal for the longest time were was he getting it from….. ? oh thats right even if somthings illegal it doesnt make it go away

  2. so many dislikes cause it's against guns which people stupidly use sometimes let the bad replies come but only stupid people dont get this song and dislike it

  3. I think people are failing to realize the meaning of this song. It's not some conservative anti gun message that's being given here. In my eyes, this song is simply about peace. "no guns allowed" is just a metaphor for that. Snoop has matured since his days of being a crip on the streets of long beach, and it shows here. In my opinion this is a beautiful song that gets too much hate.

  4. Guys really I don't know why USA governement let use guns to the population…
    I mean, if you take them off the streets nobody can shoot!
    Here in Europe, where I live..you can only buy a gun for sport use; plus you need an hunting license if you wanna go hunting, but they send you mails and specificating the animals you can shoot, the sex and the age…
    If you want a gun for self defence, they won't give you! They give it to you only if you had problems, such someone tried to kills you or you have big proprietes to defende

  5. the movie " iam not shamed " got me here .. and also drake verse was cool but if it was eminem or 50cent it would be soooo much better case em lost his friend proof and 50 got shot back in the days