Some of My Favorite Guns | Live From The Lair


If you like guns, the military is a good place to play with them.

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  1. Herold Cook

    Hey Popp, whatcha think of the Uzi and the MP5? Quick wank

  2. SonicChronos

    "The sergeant couldn't complain as we were all in the same uniform"… huge belly laugh right there, thanks Popp 🙂

  3. Jblooddrunk


  4. Al G

    Mark 19 Grenade Launcher. boof, boof, boof, then the delay till they hit and detonate.

  5. AgentFour

    Were the French weapons dropped once?

  6. Kheapathic

    Had a cook-off on a 240 once. It stopped firing, waited 10 seconds (or whatever it was) for the hang-fire. Opened the top and blew up right as I was reaching for it. Closest call I had on the range.

  7. lpd1snipe

    Popp, that Russian pistol round you're talking about sounds like the 9 x 18 Makarov. It is between the .380 and the 9 mm round. It is actually a pretty hot little round in my Polish P 64 when I shoot it and my Makarov, it's actually quite a bit of recoil for a small round.

  8. T.J. Payeur

    Love firing my 1911, hate cleaning it…

  9. David Jönsson

    Popp. Did U test the Swedish Ak5? If so how does it compare with your (US) assult rifles?

  10. nanoling

    Dane here. Back in the day the G3 was our service weapon. The rolls royce of guns. I still miss it. Only issue was when you were using blanks, otherwise its the best rifle in its class hands down. Just my opinion, but you know deep down im right.

  11. Redd Pille

    Had a Springfield Armory M1A but sold it. Love that rifle.

  12. SCScholar1

    Have you ever done the mad minute with the lee-enfield .303?

  13. Thomas Glover

    I'm wondering how the actual F 5 people could thumbs down this. I guess in a sick way its actually flattering. This was 18:26 of some entirely positive content about great people and adversity. Obviously Popp is too much to handle for most of my college friends but I recommend him to as many peeps as possible.

  14. Tony Brown

    roses are red. my name is this makes no sence microwave

  15. Suck Less

    M60E6, I think I just wet myself

  16. Martin Agnew

    Hey Popp did you get to fire any RPGs and how did they compare to the SRAAW and similar types of equipment?

  17. Joe Eversole

    I bought my first pistol last year and my God do I have a lot to learn!

  18. Harrell Berryhill
  19. J N Morgan

    "Soviet cartridge that's like .380 but is just a smidgen too small", that'd be the 9×18 Makarov I dare say.

    "Swiss rifle, rack it from the side" with a back-forth motion with you hand, that's the Schmidt-Reuben and K11/K31 family of STRAIGHT-PULL rifles. There's also the Ross rifles designed here in Canada as used up until early WWI which were straight-pull.

    "Can't really remember any of the French weapons that were any good, I mean they were ok I guess…" Ian from Forgotten Weapons would not be pleased to hear that. He's an American, but has a very deep respect for French firearms.

    Basically everything you say about the Lee Enfields, I agree with, though I'm not so sure about Mauser rifles being more accurate than No.4 Mk.2 Lee Enfields. I hear those came out of the factory at 1MOA or at least 1.5MOA, for a standard-issue iron sighted rifle. Pretty damn incredible stuff.

    "Dish-kuh" for DShK, I will no longer mock people who call it that on Rising Storm II: Vietnam.

  20. Gregg Meade

    Thanks Popp, I have enjoyed your videos/therapy. As another retired military member, perhaps you might brief the young troops  or those contemplating the military life, on that blessing from Congress know as the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act.

  21. Hemingway Coppertop22

    Dad! Great news sir! My lazy blood sucking ex wife finally got what she deserved! It took several trips to court but I finally got 80% custody of my 5 year old sun! A year and a half ago she had 80% custody but because she’s a typical entitled bitch that thinks she’s owed things because vagina. But because I only care about my kids wellbeing I’m finally the primary parent!

    Hope your doing good. God bless!

  22. TheBrewjo

    I have a feeling they probably still use the WW2 small arms primer in class lol.

  23. mja12685

    You’re doing the lord’s work Popp!

  24. Jack Spade

    My favorite gun is my American made Slong.  Only had 5 misfires it's whole life out on the field before it got put up on it's shadow board.  And never had my battle buddies in fear of friendly fire.

  25. Nagol Bud

    The RUGER SR 22 holds a special place in my heart. Carried that thing religiously for years. Carried everything from a .45 Beretta to Taurus Judge but that little Ruger SR 22 was so damn reliable, so light weight, and damn accurate. I could hit a fox at full speed at 30-50 yards quite easily. Plus the oil can suppressor… by far my favorite jack of all trades gun. (Food gathering, stealth, or even defense.) Don't forget bullet weight too. I could carry thousands of rounds compared to a 45 or even a 9mm. Always had my Double Tap .45 hidden as well as a back up ;P As far as a rifle goes? The SKS all day baby! Throw on a circle iron peep sight and bang on.

  26. Tom B

    The French weapons were always in good condition, they had only been dropped once.

  27. immikeurnot

    The M1919 has been converted to a shitload of calibers. There are/were conversion kits for (and this is just off the top of my head) .308, 7.92×57 Mauser, 7.62x54R, and I'm sure others I'm not remembering or haven't heard about yet.

  28. P. C.

    Huh … guns . 😉

  29. Luke Crant

    I thought "assault rifle" was a made up corporate media term to make it sound scary to the public, I wouldn't of thought you'd use the term?

  30. Stefano Dogg

    AK74/G3/Dragunov as far as rifles. The Soviet Makarov pistol round is actually a little larger than .380 and in an emergency you can shoot .380 in the Makarov