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Better Ash Than Dust Lyrics

The fire burns.
Our faces warm from its heat.
Nights like these, they make me think about the person I once was and the person I’ll become.
My mind turns and steps its weight upon my throat.
Desperate for breath while watching me choke.
If this is the end you can bet your ass I won’t go out like them.
These feelings.
They keep pulling at me and they won’t let go until I face the fact.
Until I reap what I sow.
Their voices, they keep calling you.
They keep calling at you until they make you believe that there’s nowhere to go. They’ll do everything they can to drag you under but you know the truth so don’t let these mother fuckers come at you.
Most times the things to which we cling aren’t the same things that we need.
We sit and watch our dance of death as we slowly drown in this selfishness.
This is the end.
You’re one of us.
I can’t go out like them.
Better ash than dust.
These choices.
They keep following you but you can’t back down.
They gotta believe that there’s no way out.
Our voices, the last thing they’ll hear as they smash down upon us.
What will continue is what we allow.
Most times the things to which we cling aren’t the same things that we need and sometimes the things we love are the things we need to leave.


  1. Heard these guys for the first time yesterday when they supported parkway drive on their UK tour. And they sound just as good live. I think I have found a new favorite band 🙂

  2. Its amazing to see people fight and argue of something as simple and common as music. Its suppose to be a message, but its you, the viewers, that turn into, well, this. All of you make it seem like theres no hope.

  3. I still have not seen these bands address Black on Black crime, notably in terms of murder. Blacks murder each other FAR more than police do. No one cares about this though, business as usual.

    Also police abuse of power people only think happen to minorities because the media only reports those cases on the national scale to push their agenda.

  4. How trite, how simple-minded, how shallow. This is just mindless cliches piled on top of mindless cliches. Is this band comprised solely of 15-year-olds? Go to any junior high school, ask the eighth graders to make a video on this subject, and this is EXACTLY what they would come up with. Coming from supposed adults, this is just embarrassing. And people are actually impressed by this? Seriously? Every single bit of this has already been done over and over again countless times, absolutely nothing about this is even remotely original, creative, or insightful. Extremely low quality. Just weak, shallow, thoughtless cliches repeated for the trillionth times. I hope none of the people praising this are older than 16. This was just embarrassing to witness. These little boys need to get get some minds of their own. Talk about sheep, damn, how hypocritical…