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Video Directed by: Max Moore

Produced by: John Feldmann



  1. Animals as Leaders brought me here….how bad! I do not know what I did this as a true metalhead from the caribbean island of Dominican Republic. This is what we call…"rock fresa".Strawberry rock.

  2. My only life goal is to go to the Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria and STYG tour in the UK in 2017. Will honestly be the best experience possible.

  3. anyone whos talking about them "changing their sound" has no idea what theyre talking about. theyve always had softer more pop-punk-ish songs. the rest of this album is a straight banger

  4. I have to say I've been to a lot of metal/hardcore shows, and Jesse has to be one of the best frontmen in the genre. He puts so much emotion and emphasis behind his lyrics, and talks/connects to the crowd on a new level. That is so hard to find in metal now a days.. Keep it up STYG!!!