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«in an age of over-produced albums and electronic music everywhere you turn, a voice and an acoustic guitar is there to remind us that it is still the most organic thing there is. when i first heard «we still believe» i immediately fell in love with the song and asked jesse to make an acoustic version. in the sense of honesty and being «real», to me there is nothing more hardcore than not hiding behind anything with the world watching you. this is a live recording/performance and i am beyond proud to have this on sumerian records.» -ash avildsen

Video for the song «We Still Believe (Acoustic)» by
Stick To Your Guns. Off of their new album Diamond (Deluxe Edition), available exclusively at FYE.

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  1. My teacher made us swing dance then listen to this and I loved both of them swing dancing and this song the I sorda like the screamo vershion

  2. Are there any guides/tabs/chords to playing this song, I would really like to perform this song myself, but I can;t figure it out by ear, and what would the tuning be? anyone any idea?

  3. I'd love to hear this song done with a piano and a female vocalist. It sounds amazing with jesse, but oh man.. imagine Florence and the machines doing this song.

  4. This song got me through a hard time in my life. I was very depressed and it help me over come that. I'm thankful for music like this.

  5. I'm not good person… I spoiled everything.. This song save my life.. It's true music, true story and true words… awesome band, awesome song.. Thank you STYG!! RESPECT (sorry for my English.. Greetings from Czech Republic) :))