Stick To Your Guns


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Stick To Your Guns · Bon Jovi

New Jersey

℗ 1988 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Released on: 2014-07-01

Producer: Bruce Fairbairn
Studio Personnel, Engineer, Mixer: Bob Rock
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Chris Taylor
Composer Lyricist: Richie Sambora
Composer Lyricist: Jon Bon Jovi
Composer Lyricist: Holly Knight

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  1. 徐英風


  2. Margaret Bradley

    They should have stuck to their guns instead of writing outside the group with Swedes.

  3. Rafael Lopez

    Ben se reconocen as cancions de Bon Jovi

  4. Jan Kulak

    Po prostu to kocham.

  5. Harper of Dark

    Oh Bon Jovi, this is the type of music that made you, you. The 'Always', the 'Blaze of Glory', the 'It's My Life' — I am proud to have found you guys in the 80s, I am proud to be a child of Rock and Roll and I am proud to say that it's my life, I always stick to my guns and if I go out in a blaze of glory, I'll ride the burning wreck singing Bon Jovi all the way down!!

  6. happy potato

    who else was born in New Jersey Perth Amboy, raise your hand🙌 and like

  7. Roni Sn

    beautiful song

  8. Carlos The Villan

    Wanted Dead or Alive II

  9. jim lennon

    They need to get back to this kind of songwriting..They went down hill when they started trying to please everyone ..The Young Guns soundtrack was wasted…should have saved those melodies for a Bon Jovi album….get back to good honest songwriting…Please👌✌.

  10. Andy Chavez

    Spectacular and explosive

  11. Shari Crocker

    Mark conley, and Kim Goodson comes to my mind. I met her new boyfriend the day my brother brought his friend BRUCE to meet me at 14. Wow, this journey is surely fascinating. 👸👼👸

  12. Joanna Oxman

    I was 14 years old when I bought my first "cassette", New Jersey… what a beautiful song to listen for someone who was growing up… a big THANK you from Chile ♥️

  13. Stephen Jaehwan Kim

    wanna be a cowboy as well.

  14. Vinay Mulukutla

    I think it certainly takes the Western Themes of Wanted Dead Or Alive to the next level with greater majesty, melody and heavier riffage. It's a much more aggressive sounding song than Wanted but still keeps the feelgood factor. I think when Bon Jovi moved away from this grand type of heavier rock sound, it was hard for a lot of people even though bands should continually evolve and progress. As for New Jersey though, can an album get any more perfect?

  15. arnel legaspi

    Philippine enhanced community quarantine…

  16. cliden22

    New Jersey is Amazing…Bon Jovi is so cool….i saw them on live in caracas 95…there is not words to describe what i lived on there ….my favorite Band…

  17. Mira Kulkarni

    OH THIS IS WAY TOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. LUCA'S Flames

    Bon Jovi fof life !

  19. Dan R

    Fuckin Awesome track! Truly Underated and it's a Shame! Take me back to when it was about the tracks! What it felt like! And how it Grabbed!!!! Someone!!! Hit me Baddd!!

  20. Steny braykner caminhoneiro

    Os caras faziam o q amava daí estas canções , vivo o rock , destesto os sons de hoje em dia. Dos anos 60 a 90 e fim para a música.

  21. daniel muñoz

    Que recuerdos!! Lo mejor de mi adolescencia!! Magnífico

  22. Keito Okumura

    Pure Rock

  23. Russco Sports

    When they were actually good and not cringeworthy

  24. J0RG3 3DU4RD0 Camilo Silveira

    Forever Bon Jovi,I Love Rock In Rolo🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  25. デコちゃん


  26. Mark Nelson

    how the hell does this only have 31,000 views… I felt soo cool being in 3rd grade after birthday basketball practice and my dad took me to The Exclusive Company and bought this album the day it came you….a great song like this never ages

  27. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Minha banda favorita ótimo álbum linda música perfeita saudades dessa época 1988 eu tinha 18 anos de idade saudades dessa época que não volta mais

  28. New World Cosméticos

    ❤ começa devagarzinho e fica poderosa! "Hininho" rsrsr

  29. Prithvi Sindhar


  30. Marcela Gonzalez Farías

    Beautiful music 💗💗💗

  31. Over and Out

    This should have been a single