Taking Liberals to Shoot Guns


We interviewed a self-described liberal, centrist, and communist about their positions on gun policy. Then we went and shot a bunch of guns. It was a grand old time.

#Liberals #Conservatives #News

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  1. spicecrop

    Typical leftist dip shits. They will still protest the NRA and say stupid shit like "fully semi automatic". I can't listen to these idiots.

  2. MugenAlt236

    The number of guns owned is irrelevant. You can only shoot one at a time lol

  3. Adrian Wilson

    Taking the retards out of the mental
    ward for a field trip.

  4. Todd Bevins

    You can see that the hope of changing perceptions in these kids is rather impossible. These kids have been indoctrinated by the left wing media. You heard one of the kids say he does not care about the constitution…. enough said. If we cannot agree on that (the Constitution), I am not sure there is much common ground. Move to Europe and enjoy peaceful slavery.

  5. Albert Hammons

    Beau is everything he doesn’t want to be. Hates everything he’s told to hate and fighting the system Hahahaa he’s or “it’s” so clueless and brainwashed lol

  6. Albert Hammons

    How could anybody be friend with these idiot liberals

  7. Albert Hammons

    What holds 200 rounds??

  8. Albert Hammons

    These people keep saying it’s expensive but if you go get a job you faggots can buy things!! It’s crazy but it works ??‍♂️

  9. Albert Hammons

    How can you even hangout with these idiots?? I’d wanna shoot myself listening to their soy boy “I’m scared because it’s heavy” bs conversation omg. This is how all idiot liberals are.

  10. Albert Hammons

    Hahahaa “assault rifle — 15” Hahahaa what a dumbass. And “I hate your fans, I hate white people” this is the left and they pick up a gun & think KILL. A conservative thinks “what. ad-on’s should I get, where the closest range?”. These soy boys and queers are what the left wants! Their insane and these morons have no clue what their talking about. They’d rip up the constitution with a smile.

  11. Mark Brown

    That Beau guy, the bi-sexual, is an uninformed prick. He likes to point the finger at his betters. But, what do you expect from a freaking libtard!

  12. Michael S

    8:20 these are the type of people who want to take your guns. they know nothing about firearms but buy into what the media feeds them. protect your rights at any costs.

  13. Michael S

    7:17 all of their moods changed ?

  14. concerned citizen

    And we hate you beta cuck with the pink shirt (Beau)

  15. Cody McElroy

    God, these leftists assume and hate soooooooo much. So intolerant.

  16. Landon O'Brien

    I put my gun on my table and told it to kill it didn’t work because guns don’t kill people kill

  17. Landon O'Brien

    O my God where did you find this people John

  18. HCSR2

    The problem may be mental health but that has deteriorated due to how pitifully every generation has been raising the next. She said only people who want to keep national security should have guns like those. And that's the issue. Every single American should be invested in keeping national security. Every single American should be teaching their children how to use these and when to use them and why to use them as the most important tenets of why power is important and responsibility even more so as necessary to keep you, your family and your country safe. It is a moral duty we have inherited from our ideological ancestors, the founders, and one we've been neglecting for generations.

  19. Jessy Caballero

    1 word … BETA

  20. Tyler Leyden

    Kid in the red shirt is a shitbag

    Edit… these guys are all idiots

  21. SGL Gaming and More

    That tec-9 is pretty epic

  22. SGL Gaming and More

    The bi guy is extremely accepting of people’s opinions and even if he disagrees with them he respects their opinions

  23. Cat De Artifex

    I’d rather not wait until I need a gun .. to need a gun ..

  24. xscar10

    I liked the girl, but she was a bit passive aggressive, the guy in the black shirt seemed like a pretty cool dude even if I disagree with him. Red shirt guy was a flat out jerk. Still, cool to see you taking them out to go shooting.

  25. edyounot55

    Hellooooo, Tessa.

  26. PythonTTV41

    “The Assault Rifle-15” smfh

  27. PythonTTV41

    White guy in red: “I hate white people”
    Me: excuse me what the fuck

  28. sapatomaluco

    These young kids should have received proper constitution classes at school and training on firearms safety since kindergarten so they wouldn't grow up easy preys of the lefty media that pushes all lies and disinformation about this subject.

  29. Jaime PDL

    "Obama will drone strike your house" no wonder the media blmaes video games

  30. vl P1LOT lv

    The cut your hair you idiot

  31. James G


    A bunch of people the world would be better off without….

  32. Chris Brown

    Could the guy in the orange shirt have said more libtard buzz words? Like how he was so kind to us gun owners..

  33. Atom X

    The girl knows nothing, you can tell as her speech seems to be from memory not personal knowledge, might as well call her a parrot since she only repeats.

    The red shirt bi dude seems obnoxious, I'd say he should pull the stick he has in his was out but he probably likes it there.

    And mister AR 15 breaks bones is more centrist then liberal, he doesn't know as much about guns as he should, but he tries to use personal research over hearsay from the media.

    Bottom line is the media propagates the sensationalism of gun violence, copy cat school shooters cone from school shooting coverage, not the people who own guns. Sort out the media and their bullshit and you'll have far less school shootings I guarantee.

    But that isn't going to happen as long as the mindless sheeple of the left remain brainwashed by their liberal overlords…They should read 1984, it'll redpill them like Morphious did Neo.

  34. Lane Kelly

    Fat leg boy in red shirt is to drunk to expect a reply.

  35. electrohacker

    "assault rifle fifteens" oh, so this is all fake

  36. electrohacker

    "I hate white people" so you're a racist

  37. Mystic King

    Also damn you got a nice little Arsenal. I like the tactical AK

  38. Mystic King

    Should’ve told these idiots the first rule. Assume the gun is loaded even if you’ve checked them. Don’t point them at anyone.

  39. BReal23

    America badly needs a civil war to sort things out. These idiots are clearly unfit to live in a free society.

  40. Jaime PDL

    "Ausalt rifle 15" seems legit

  41. Thunder Storm

    liberal is different & liberty is different

    Liberal is now far left lead

    Liberty is more right wing than conservative