Taxi Driver (1976) scene — Travis Buys Guns


Time to arm up………. for the cleansing of the filth

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  1. Hawaiisidecar

    I remember when NYC looked like that.

  2. James Haught

    God this is cringeworthy bullshit

  3. Carlos Balli

    Easy Andy Went From Arms Dealer To Whippet Dealer, Then To Used Car Salesmen ?

  4. Mark Cannon

    Robert De Niro is a pussy.

  5. John Novack

    Hold the gun in your right hand and aim with you left, maybe it's just me.

  6. anthony smith

    Thanos — "You've got a fully assembled Infinity Gauntlet?"
    Seller — "It's an expensive weapon."
    Thanos- "It's alright, I've got money."
    Seller — "It's a real monster, it can stop a Hulk from a hundred yard. There you go, premium high resale weapon. Look at that…that's a beauty. I could sell this Gauntlet to some Raccoon in planet Xandar for 500 units, but I deal high quality good for the right people. This might be a little too big for practical purposes, in which case for you, I recommend the power stone. Look at this, my god that's a beautiful little stone, it's purple, otherwise the same as a reality stone. It will stop anything that moves. The full Gauntlet, they use that to wipeout entire universes. That power stone, that's a fine weapon. Some of these stones are like toys. You go out and hammer nails with it all day…
      come back and it'll cut dead center on target every time. It's got a really nice action to it and a heck of a wallop.
      You interested in space control? It's the space stone . It's a nice little stone.  It's a beautiful little stone.
      It can throw up to six entire planets. That's if you're dumb enough to throw planets. Here, look at this. A reality stone. Reality can be whatever you want it to be. That's a nice stone. That's a beautiful little stone. Look at that.
      During World War II, they used this stone against Captain America. Just given to the Collector. Isn't that a little honey?"
     Thanos — "How much for everything?"
     Seller — "Only a jackass would carry that gauntlet like that. Here. Here's a beautiful handmade holster I had made in Mexico. Forty units. Three-fifty for the Gauntlet, two-fifty for the power stone, one and a quarter for the space stone, one-fifty for the reality stone. You take this and wait here.  I'll walk down with you. How 'bout dope? Grass, hash, coke…mescaline, downers, Nembutal, Nebula, toluol, chloral hydrates? How 'bout uppers, amphetamines?"
    Thanos — "I'm not interested in that stuff."
    Seller — "I can get you crystal meth. Nitrous oxide. A Groot. How 'bout that? I can get you a brand-new Cadillac with the pink slip for two grand."


    Acting’s good

  8. Nortekman

    Those were 1975 dollars since the movie was filmed that year, so the adjusted prices for those guns and holster in 2019 would be: $186 for the holster; $1633 for the Magnum; $1166 for the .38; $583 for the .25 and $700 for the .380

  9. Ross DiamondThief

    12 inch barrel 44 magnum? Dirty Harry would not approve

  10. Jesse R

    3:00 Did he just chamber a round with a finger or is that his other hand off camera?

  11. Joseph Harder

    This whole scene bears the stamp of genius; Steven Prince is incredible.

  12. Delta Whisky

    Wait isn't it possible to buy these guns legally in the US and New York?
    Why the shady seller?

  13. Delta Whisky

    Selling drugs to the guy you just sold a gun to, and then a Cadillac?

  14. Negative One XIII


  15. Eric Beretta

    Now that’s a hustler

  16. RelativelyLarge Steve

    Miss meeting guys like that

  17. r vega

    someone should develop a fan theory where travis bickle is kyle reese in terminator;..

  18. GrimReefer

    Snub nose was beautiful

  19. Ron Thunders

    fuck where is my easy andy? Every pussy 2bit drug dealer where im at has no fuckin action, and that’s everywhere these days. Nobody has any real action

  20. jesse gonzales


  21. Johnny Marlin

    Listen all you screwheads you fuckers, here is a man who could not take it anymore!!

  22. r vega

    ''anything else you need? dope, grass, coke? uppers? crystal meth? what about a cadillac? a house? what about an omlette for 5 dollars right here right now?'' easy andy the king of salesman damn sell you your
    own soul

  23. Robot 5000

    I think the Breaking Bad gun buying scenes are based on this. Very similar


    Uh Gun Control?

  25. ThatGuy67

    June 8: My life has taken another turn again. The days move along with regularity, over and over, one day indistinguishable from the next, a long continuous chain. And then, there is change.

  26. Nathan Alvis

    "Isn't that a lil honey?"

  27. Leroy Jenkins

    God I wish I could buy guns at these prices today

  28. DEEK

    Tarantino lifted this scene for the heroin deal in Pulp Fiction. And, it has been lifted many times over since.

  29. CSGunshineState

    He’s a good gun salesman

  30. Justin Webster

    way to be a role model Travis. say no to drugs

  31. hippiecheezburger

    Quite the movie, quite the perspective, a man who stands up to the scum but is also part of the scum. He’s a selfish individual who does everything for his own personal gain, even by having a Madonna-whore complex with women he finds attractive and enjoying sitting in porno movie theaters, being racist, acquiring weapons to feel powerful, feeding into everything around him way too much, like Travis is also a pretty shitty guy. He is just as bad as the people he dislikes. I mean no wonder he has feelings of loneliness and definitely a personality disorder. This story is also a commentary on people that live amongst us mostly in every part of a society

  32. Stephen Morton

    what? mescaline? here take these guns back. i'm moving to the country.
    do you have it with you>?