I’ve always loved this song, and always had a crush on the coolest bassist ever — Paul Simonon! — and since there never was a proper video for it, I made one myself. So here you go…watch and enjoy 🙂


  1. How can you even mention The Ramones ? omg , The Clash were better than most, come on be honest and let's face it British punk/new wave so soooooo much better than USA

  2. Great song, but I think they should stop trying to sing in english, when they cant even speak it, and rather sing in their native language.

  3. perhaps the most important member of the band. each had their flaws but Paul was as steady as the bass and always kept a level head. funny how he isn't even considered a good bass player even though some of his lines are the most famous riffs of all time.

  4. The Sex Pistols are overrated they put out one studio album with a bassist who could barely play. Just cuz you did it first doesn't mean you did it best