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«The Guns of Brixton» is a song by The Clash on their third album, London Calling, released in 1979. It was written and sung by bassist Paul Simonon, who grew up in Brixton, south London. It has a strong reggae influence, reflecting the culture of the area, with a knowing nod to the classic reggae gangster film, The Harder They Come. A somewhat heavier, faster version than the one found on London Calling appeared on the live compilation From Here to Eternity: Live, released in 1999.

The song pre-dates the race riots that took place in the 1980s in Brixton but the lyrics depict the feelings of discontent that were building due to heavy-handedness of the police that lead to the riots, the recession and other problems at that time.


  1. the song is about jamican badness in london during the 70s/80s, joe strummer even mentions IVAN, meaning the character jimmy cliff played in the film 'The Harder They Come'. N when i say badness its no insult, it perfectly describes how things were at that time….Joe strummer a social commentator