The Guns of John Wick: Chapter 3: Parabellum


John Wick 3 Parabellum begins showing this week in in theaters. I took a trip to Leviathan Headquarters, where we take an exclusive look at the guns Keanu Reeves (John) and Halle Berry (Sophia) use in the movie and compare them to what we saw pictured in John Wick 2. #JohnWick3 #VSOGunChannel

Interested in the guns of John Wick? Read our brief on Bigdaddy Unlimited, the one stop for everything you saw in the video:

Some Scenes from this video were taken from the official Lionsgate Trailer:

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  1. The VSO Gun Channel

    If you would like to see the Combat Master in action I have a live fire video of it up:

  2. sitin saidin

    After watch this video im realized that im only afford to buy a pencil

  3. Just Some Nerd

    It's a shame the third movie was a massive pile of shit.

  4. Frank Bob

    Why do I get the feelng that John Wick is the Matrix continued? Too many similarities. Hhhhmmmm!

  5. Nigel Williams

    Why the constant switching of cameras? it just looked like they were trying to mess you up…

  6. Tony Kaiser

    She also used a walthers ppq tactical

  7. youluvana

    aren't smooth handles better than these sandpaper one us see on some of those. I'm not an expert but I imagine the sticky texture would destroy your skin.

  8. 0xbadc0de#

    guns are the best

  9. John Stennett

    Am I the only one bothered at him referring to a stipple job as “textured”..?

  10. DEY WEY

    I wish he used Mlok instead of keymod for the JW2 TR-1

  11. Ninjaface

    Is porn allowed on YouTube?

  12. Steve Hansraj


  13. Mike Rotch

    I didn't know there was that much attention to detail…. cool

  14. alick swiden

    my favorite of his is still the H&K P30L from the first movie

  15. Steven Thompson

    Best pistol he ever used was the HECKLER & KOCK P30L in the first movie. H&K are glock killers I have the H&K VP9 and the P30L

  16. AugmentedGravity

    That STI is sex.

  17. Badger Reacts

    Glock 34 is such a bad-ass, man!! Btw, he could be a perfect fit for Nomad from Ghost Recon Breakpoint/Wildlands. I wonder if he plays such shooting games. 4:08

  18. tyler maloney

    Don't touch my gun.

  19. AssLicker43

    keanu reeves is god, if you squint your eyes real hard
    -combat wombat

  20. Gatling Gator

    Michigan where?

  21. Zack Buechele

    We can’t see the texturing with a black background

  22. NotsosaneScientist

    Unfortunately not named "Wicked guns"

  23. Dont Care

    dude obviously doesn't shoot 3 gun

  24. chris mcdonald

    Where is the Kimber 1911?

  25. Razafimbelo Gianni Toavina

    I love the guns (y)

  26. Dothurnaax

    My dream gun has to have an offset red dot like in John Wick 2

  27. plank3000

    is anyone else bothered by how much Taran Tactical branding there is on the guns?

  28. Anthony Joseph

    You forgot the 1911 with 7 bullets!

  29. Falk Tattoos

    Put the guns down on the table. Having one hand always holding it makes it hard to see and looks super awkward when you're trying to hold more than one gun.