The Most Ridiculously Oversized Guns in History – Second Thought

History is full of a staggering array of weapons of all shapes and sizes. In this video, we’re going to look at five of the most enormous guns ever made.

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't mention the super battleship Yamato's 18.1cm cannons, which hold the world record for the largest cannons ever mounted on a naval vessel. The turrets they were in weighed more than a heavy destroyer at over 3K tons!

  2. Guns can't fire things "into orbit" from the surface of the same body they were launched from, that is physically impossible. You can fire something ALMOST into orbit, but the thing must use onboard thrust to circularize while already high up near or at its final altitude and thus actually attain orbit, or it will eventually either fall back to earth or escape, one or the other.

  3. You really should make a video on the German superweapon concepts. IIRC Nazi Germany had made lots of plans for absolutely gargantuan weapons that never got out of the design phase.

  4. You have confused the Tsar Cannon with the Great Turkish Bombard cannon. Most of what you said is correct, but the Turkish Bombard was the cannon that was donated to Queen Victoria. The Tsar Cannon is still in Russia. I can't blame you however, they look very similar.

  5. A-150 Imperial Japan Battleship should include on this list, it's can't compare to some on the list but it's the largest Naval gun (if the ship was actually built)
    I'm surprised that Imperial Japan Battleship 'Yamato' not in the list too.

  6. So Germany made the last 3 gun? Seriously when in the living ???? will the other nations keep up? What? So the Germans are gonna invent the world's first plasma cannon too?

  7. There's a railway gun like the Gustav in lost Planet 2,but it kinda fires way more and I think it's smaller, it still runs on 2 tracks though.

  8. Has anyone noticed how anything that has Tsar on its name is huge?
    Tsar Tank, had 9 meters in size,Tsar Bomba, Largest nuke to ever exist (The extra dip in Big Smoke's order.),the Tsar Cannon,as mentioned in the video.