The Real Guns of Firefly and Serenity


Nerd out with James in this episode four of the «TFBTV Goes to Hollywood» series. Today, we are talking about the real guns of Joss Whedon’s Firefly TV series and the Serenity film. Did you know that Mal’s Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B is actually a working Taurus Model 85? Larry Zanoff and James handle and talk about the guns from this cult classic series, discuss what they were made from and how the concepts came to life. This is a must watch for gun guys who love their space westerns, too.

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  1. Peter Hessedal

    "James are you in the basement watching Sci Fi again!!!!"
    "no its just porn"
    "whew, ok"

  2. Gary Gutierrez

    Shiny! 😉

  3. Michael Hannell

    Need to do the rebooted Battlestar Galactica weapons.that would be Shiney

  4. Brandon Obaza

    Firefly/Serenity was action adventure. It’s a Space Western. That’s a difficult sell to an uninterested, average TV watcher. Just telling them: “check out this Sci-Fi show” poisons the well. Strike 1. They turn it on and see a Western. Strike 2. The characters speak in a quirky, antiquated-sounding dialect. Strike 3.

    All they had to do was say “‘Animal Mother’ is in this.” If you were a guy in 2002, you’ve seen Full Metal Jacket

    Not to mention, for the last 20 years, “a Sci-Fi show” could be confused with “a Sci-Fi Channel Original Series” —— not a hallmark of quality. Sorry, I mean “Sy-Fy”, what the name changed into to match society’s intellectual decline. They had 1 good show in the last 10 years and I can’t even remember the name of it. They’ve been limping by on Twilight Zone reruns forever. It’s like a subsistence diet of Twinkies. You’ll live, but the Judgement of Diabetus cometh, and that right soon.

  5. RickOAA

    Serenity is one of my favorite movies. My girlfriend hates it. Disturbing. There's just something magical about Summer Glau as a killer person. "I am a leaf in the wind, watch me…" I just got the Firefly series.

  6. Sepphelm3000

    The only way to watch the LOTR movies is all of em, special extended versions, back to back to back. With lots of beer.

  7. thebenforever

    They made 10 copies of Vera and they're going to keep them all in the vault?
    Looks like Im going to a pawn shop for some heist equipment. (à la Key and Peele).

  8. Post Sing

    JEBUS! I am having a blood vessel burst in my eye! FIREFLY/SERENITY did NOT have blasters! They had real guns with bullets. That was established in an episode that there was ONE laser gun…ONE!!!!! It was rare, one of a kind, and illegal. They used guns with bullets! How did this guy work on FIREFLY and SERENITY and also design the guns and NOT know this? I am thinking he is the owner and someone else did the work, where he knows little about the show and makes assumption.

  9. shepard1707

    It's a shame you're not more into Star Trek. I get a feeling you might enjoy Deep Space 9.

  10. daniel job

    The 'Mares Leg' was not unique to Firefly. Woody Strode had one in Once Upon A Time In The West.

  11. Cam Meyer

    Use that credit!!

  12. Theodore Wiltrout

    Firefly was awesome. I was disappointed when it was cancelled. So many stupid sitcoms that was dumb as shit were put on the air and so many good shows are cancelled

  13. Vanoi Xeno

    Holy! Never knew Vera was colapsible.

  14. expvideo1

    Your opening monologue… we can be friends.

  15. Rollin

    Firefly is what I used to get my wife into sci fi We have watched it many many times over. Now she loves sci fi

  16. mrwoodchuck94

    I don't know why ppl like this show, pretty boring in my opinion

  17. Shad Yoakum

    See if she likes Castle?

  18. Vic singfield

    your opening comment, you don't have much of a life, do you.

  19. Ghastly_Grinner

    WHO watches movies with their wives?

  20. Uncle John Bulleit

    Damn, now I gotta go watch the movie and series…. Good stuff buddy!

  21. Asbest Lunga

    Only bad thing about Firefly is that it ended to soon. should have been a 2nd season insted of a movie….

  22. Samuel Chelemer

    >"I'm a bit of a nerd"
    >Doesn't like Star Trek

    So uh… which is it?

  23. Magus Galzu

    You havent watched it at all, lasers dont work in the verse. Morons

  24. ninja couch

    If you don't like firefly you are wrong. Fight me.

  25. Matthew Price

    showed my kids firefly. my daughter got to the last episode and was upset that the player was broke. she couldn't accept that there weren't anymore episodes.

  26. Peter Yingling

    If your wife doesn't like Firefly it's time to dump her. Get the kids and get rid of her!

  27. Tommy Tsunami

    I will watch firefly if you do an episode on OG Blade Runner!

  28. northman logging

    5 minutes of introduction and personal unrelated stories, for a 15 minute video? lame

  29. Peter Lewerin

    Take a look here instead:

  30. MarcusEvonblade !

    Have you seen Stargate?

  31. Peter Lewerin

    Maybe leave acting to the actors.

  32. Bryce McKenzie

    Shiny. Thank you kindly

  33. Halfcan Tan

    Space above and beyond, was pretty darn good ,cool guns too

  34. John Galt Line

    Likes Starwars and LOTR, doesn't like star trek… are you sure you like sci fy? star wars isn't really sci fy, just fantasy in a future setting.

  35. Michael Driggers

    Mark my words, the 1911, the AK, the Glock, and CZ 75s will all still be in use a hundred years from now.

  36. Adam Bryant

    Cowboys and Scifi, no wonder I always loved firefly.

  37. entropy11

    I never noticed that Vera is a non-converted saiga, with the trigger at the sporter position instead of further forward. Interesting.

  38. entropy11

    Must be odd, working exclusively for an industry that hates you and wants everything you do to be destroyed.

  39. Marmot J. Marmot

    Some of the friends of my SO named a daughter 'Vera'. Yes, after that gun.

  40. Lunkwow

    Prequels guns are superior Sequels.

  41. S Aurelius

    "I can see how a future 1911 can look like this." You mean having a bulking rear sight that's useless?

  42. S Aurelius

    What do you think of Farscape?

  43. neowolf09

    I watch the movie then the show. Then it's like wash didn't die..

  44. Nathan Wright

    "Six men came to kill me one time. And the best of 'em carried this. It's a Callahan full-bore auto-lock. Customized trigger, double cartridge thorough gauge. It is my very favorite gun… This is the best gun made by man. It has extreme sentimental value… I call her Vera."

    ―Jayne Cobb

  45. Jacob R

    minor point- none of the guns in firefly are lasers! All ballistic, but far enough in the future that they use a completely different propellant which is why you get the sound

  46. Faryl Daryl

    After all these years I finally hear that Jim Boland was involved in the making of Vera! I saw those styling cues way back when, especially the unevenly spaced slotted front handguards and thought "Damn that looks like Boland's stuff." Boland was an original mad genius, made all kinds of spacey-looking race guns. He'd do whatever he felt like doing to a customer's gun, they didn't really have any choice in the matter, and no two were alike. Do a search for his guns and you'll see what I mean. Thanks, TFB.

  47. rosie roseberry

    I got to play with that shotgun once. That thing is heavy AF