I go over the features of the actual guns used by Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry in the John Wick 3 movie 🇺🇸

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  1. Just get yourself a 900$ 1911, get a trigger/slide/spring tuneup. You will be hotter than Halle, jukin with Jules, kickin with Keanu and maybe even Have more mojo then Morpheus. Hip is outside the box.

  2. Had to Google John Wick. Been hearing that name a lot lately. Had no clue that it was a movie. Damn sick of anti-gun actors making millions making movies promoting gun violence. By the way, I’m not a movie person, so don’t keep up on that BS.

  3. Featuring Hollywood in your gun channel video is ironic. Hollywood is the tip of the spear for the anti 2nd Amendment Globalist Leftist Death Cult called Socialist/Communist. Hollywood uses guns as props to make a profit and then goes about destroying the 2nd Amendment. Anything Hollywood is toxic and anti 2nd Amendment and anti Constitution. Hollywood is the enemy of a free people. Screw Hollywood.

  4. Wick 3 tried to hard. Overly graphic.

    Great setup for Wick 4, which I wasn’t expecting/i set myself up thinking this was the last movie.

    It was just a 2 hour extended fighting scene.

    Last half better than the first half of the movie. But overall the first two movies so far are better.

  5. I'm sure a lot of you will call BS, but I had both the P365 GG grip module and trigger before this flick. They both make a difference in both grip and the trigger breaking at 90 degrees.

    Good luck getting the trigger, it's always out our stock (GG will notify you of some upcoming stock if you're on the waiting list — but be prepared because they sell in 10 minutes).

    Not sure how I can justify a threaded barrel, although it would look pretty slick with a can off the front.

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