Modern military technology is impressive. Abrams tanks, which are in service with the US Army, have an armour that is fortified with depleted uranium! A high-tech guidance system can take into account not only the type of weaponry being used, but even correct itself against the wind! Against a background of such technology, machine guns seem unimpressive, perhaps even ordinary in comparison? But some of the most powerful machine guns can tear through in even the most heavily armoured vehicles!


  1. Umm…the Warthog belongs to the Air Force, not the army.. plus this guy needs to learn his terminology… on a plus side, being a former member of the Arkansas Army National Guard, the fact that the A-10's shown were from the 188th fighter wing from the Arkansas Air Guard was pretty cook

  2. Is this what happens when kids discover visuals. I'm getting sea sick laying in bed watching this. If your going to educate people dont try to give them brain damage at the same time

  3. I loved firing the MK 38 Mod 1 on the USS Momsen DDG 92, but a bitch carrying the ammo cans up the various ladders to where it was mounted below the aft facing SPY-1 radar arrays.

  4. I lost interest when the car salesman narrator stated the Gatling gun was 7.62mm. UMMM no, it was .454" bore firing the .45-70 Rimmed cartridge.

  5. This is painful to watch
    He thinks 150 rpm is impressive.
    He says "point five oh" instead of "fifty bee em jee" like any gun enthusiast would say.
    He says the double machine gun has only 2 barrels instead of the 12 it actually has and says the full name every single time.