Top 10 Best and Easiest Legendary Guns and Weapons to Farm/Get in Borderlands 2 (No DLC) #PumaCounts


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What’s going on guys? This is VinylicPuma, back with another Borderlands 2 countdown video and today, I figured I would go over 10 of what I think are among some of the Best and Easiest Legendary Guns, Weapons and other Gear to Farm for. This video will focus on great legendaries that are fairly easy to get within the game and don’t necessarily require any DLC. Though I will mention a few DLC methods to obtain some of these items were appropriate.

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  1. Mert

    You didnt even show where to find them

  2. JaKKi

    i had been grinding for the infinity for 5 hours, i pull up this video because i was bored, he mentions the infinity and right after i kill doc mercy i get it instantly………. someone explain this to me

  3. Vortexx

    What’s the name of that slag pistol he’s using

  4. OccasionalGamer

    I still farm and play this often. I probably will continue to do so after BL 3 comes out.

  5. Preston Garrett

    Igot 12 players no dlcc. Level 50 playing 2much need 2 work got bills payed

  6. The Real Dark R

    Why the hell are my weapons droppimg at 80 instead of OP 2

  7. zackariah

    cocker spaniel

  8. President Yobama

    I got the fastball during the side quest

  9. Scott Phillips

    I got a guileless hellfire and a explicit unkempt harold from two different loot midgets during the toil and trouble mission and they were with in an hour of eachother! They are the only legendary guns I have gotten so far and I'm a level 30. Anybody else have this happen?

  10. Joe Cabrera

    Ok so im still kinda new to borderlands but how do you get your weapons to have such high numbers in stats like that? Is it level cap items in Vault Hunter mode? Cuz i beat the story playing as Axton on normal mode and my strongest sniper is about 2000-2500 damage. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

  11. Liam DeLoof

    The first legendary I got was the bee shield. I don't use it, mostly because of it's low shield

  12. jpkjnn

    Dude fucking get to it. Jesus Christ.


    Do you need a internet connection to farm weapons

  14. Alissa Ashbaugh

    I didn’t realy get the guns you got more like join a random game with keys and get those guns and get a super shield

  15. Jean-Paul Miller

    How do you get the dragon keep dlc I’m on Xbox I go to downloadable content and can’t find it how do I get it

  16. I am a class member 2019

    I got the legendary knuckle dragger pistol 1st try

  17. Foreign User

    why the fuck are people playing this with a controller? how can you be that into this game and still hamstring yourself with your controls and video performance? get a fucking computer

  18. Kooloo Beryded

    what grenade do you use?

  19. Levi Chambers

    I have obtained 3 infinity pistols, all of which have shown 0/800 ammo. And do not shoot.

    I’ve traded them to other players who say they see 1 bullet in the chamber, and can shoot it.

    Why can’t I shoot an infinity pistol?

    Is it because I’m a mechromancer? Or is this a glitch?

  20. Jayvion Roman

    Toxic pistol from nukkel drager

  21. Troy Styron

    I farmed gettle for lyuda only to get white death, another really good legendary vladof sniper

  22. Dig Beal

    but you cannot farm firehawk shield?

  23. ღDawn Drawsღ

    Hey, u forgot about the 94 sham and a perfect hide of terra

  24. red beast979

    What's going on guys it's vonylicpumagaming

  25. Lucas Layton

    Conference call totally wrecks the final boss

  26. suka blyat

    Is it just me or do a lot of borderlands youtubers use Xbox and microsoft

  27. gamer two

    Infinity is almost useless on anarchy gaige builds

  28. Khaffit

    the easiest unique gun imo is the "cop gun"
    I think it's a blue or purple
    but inside the Firehawk base
    once you get into the cave turn left and left until you are at the alternative exit
    on the path to there are spiderants
    and in a puddle lies the "cop gun" Wich shoot like 20 or so bullets per burst when scoped

  29. aaron leech

    Got the sniper first try

  30. Asher Middleton

    You can get hellfire from Halloween dlc too

  31. scarecrow 040


  32. Wide Eyed

    once I got the hornet from knukkle dragger

  33. James McKnight

    Does anybody know how to get any legendary Jakobs weapons?

  34. QCraftQ

    i just got the badaboom launcher from killing a bully thing wow im lucky and unluck im not max level

  35. George0880

    I need level 80 legendary guns

  36. Katlevesque85

    Can you get the hornet from nuckledrager

  37. Nathan Trexler

    This video just popped up for me! Using it for farming now

  38. Rian Seecrest

    You can actually the the good the bad and the mordecai side quest earlier if you don’t replace the power core. Then you don’t have to deal with the flying city stuff before getting it.

  39. L1v1ngDeAdGirl

    Is there a version of this including all dlc?

  40. CommandPower 1

    I got the bonus package first play thru and it carried me so far really op at low levels

  41. Nathan Hendricks

    For me the bee shield is useful against badass phsycos and some bosses mainly cause I hate dealing with badass phsycos so I want them out of the way asap

  42. MasterHalo 157

    I got the longbow bonus package my first time and it’s awesome

  43. Nickolas McDaniel

    The boss is stuck at level one for me all of them are

  44. Michael Bradley-Robbins

    A lvl 50 Flame of the Firehawk carried me through the whole Dahl Ramparts area as Krieg in UVHM, and I didn't even have a single point in the Hellborn tree. I never thought it would be useful to have my shield recharge delay so high until that point. The Love Thumper is another shield that feels purpose-built for Krieg.

  45. Martin Andersen

    Hornet is the easyest to get

  46. Koda Productions

    The easiest legendary to get to me is the hornet.

  47. Nathan Breunig

    Do I need to be level 72?

  48. Neon Ghost face

    The infinity pistol is pretty good on Gaige if you got the anarchy skill and stacked it on a different gun then switch to the infinity pistol