Top 10 Iconic Movie Guns


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  1. Alex HD

    M60 and M4

  2. vivien Lee

    MG42,FG42 and make Top 10 Tanks in WWII Movie

  3. Robert Johnston

    It is NOT disputed and can't be. Han shot, Greedo didn't. Watch the ORIGINAL.
    If there's a dispute as to who shot first on the edited POS version that you showed (where a bounty hunter couldn't hit a stationary sitting target), then those people are confused and don't understand the real argument.

  4. Rob Barrett

    RoboCops' weapon of choice?
    All this is once again just hollywood bullshit.

    Ok….they impressed me with the last gun…..still hollywood bullshit but the Walther PPKS .380 is a badass pistol.

  5. Roger Reynolds

    Except for referring to the “space marines” as army in the Aliens bit, good selection.

  6. B&O5300

    The M41A was built using the main gun a Thompson M1A1 and the grenade launcher a cut down Remington 870 with the heat shield of a SPAS-12

  7. michael raharjo

    M1911,Where is it?

  8. Rotaks

    And what about PREDATOR and two iconic weapons from this movie!

  9. Leland Byrd

    No,the gun the rock used in fast 7(the one he took off of the drone close to the end)

  10. Leland Byrd

    What about otmise primes gun

  11. Thomas Cronan

    Marvin the Martians pistole

  12. navy4181

    The 2 gold plated guns in Face Off

  13. Pär Vers

    Hm… how about Predator's auto-aiming shoulder mounted-cannon? Still, I'm missing Dredd's Lawgiver as many onthers in this thread.

  14. vinu TN

    you missed Baretta 92 FS.

  15. Russian Bot

    No body sad this one either but Castor Troys twin gold 1911s from Face Off.

  16. Russian Bot

    You forgot Arnies sawn off M1887 lever action shotgun he spin cocks on the Harley Davidson. Jesus you even used footage from Terminator 2 and even put the minigun as an hinorable mention but you didnt put one of the most iconic gun from any movie in 90s up.

  17. Russian Bot

    Mac-10s how do we thats whats actually in the case? I always assumed a fullsized rifle, mac 10 is pretty small for q guitar case.

  18. Russian Bot

    You know seeing scenes from taxi driver again makes question if Bill Pullman is Robert Dineros son.

  19. dragonfiremalus

    DL-44 is number one, can be no arguments.

  20. DeadlyFanTas1e

    DL-44 and S&W 44.

  21. Rtas Vadum

    They're colonial marines not the army or authorities and it's pronounced Wal-Th-Ur not Walter they even say the correct pronunciations in one of your clips.

  22. Austin Kohl

    Umm they are Colonial Marines not the army…

  23. Anthony Cochran

    What the hell is a "Walter PPK"? It is Walther "wall-th-ur"…and they are far from powerful. This really should have been a top 20 video…there are just too many good ones.

  24. Leon Swan

    How could you forget the Franchi SPAS 12. The first Terminator movie, Arnie killing all the cops in the police station. It was in so many action movies in the 80s and 90s. The Wraith, Jurassic Park, The matrix. How could you!!!! I have owned two of them.

  25. Hay Day Hd01

    Wait wheres the kingsman umbrella gun!?

  26. I-hate-Google

    SMART GUN from Aliens ?

  27. Mr. Tangent

    As an owner of a Walther PPK/S in .380… it’s pronounced Walther, with a “W”. Wall-Tur.

  28. Kotlet

    Men in Black

  29. yomogami

    the rhino from the total recall remake is missing from at least the honorable mentions

  30. 1badhaircut

    Death Wish 3 / Wildey hand cannon

  31. Biscuit

    What about the four barreled shotgun from phantasm II

  32. Brent Delong

    This is my boomstick. Groovy.

  33. Gingka Hagane

    The auto9

  34. Kenny Barner

    Although most would disagree with ur list, I don’t. It’s spot on for most ICONIC for sure, but if I were to add an honorable mention or even replace #10 it would have to be the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd. It’s automated and c’mon “DOUBLE WHAMMY!”

  35. Tracy Waters

    Han Solo blaster is the best

  36. Marc Gini

    Harley’s revolver from suicide squad