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  1. RoboCops' weapon of choice?
    All this is once again just hollywood bullshit.

    Ok….they impressed me with the last gun…..still hollywood bullshit but the Walther PPKS .380 is a badass pistol.

  2. You forgot Arnies sawn off M1887 lever action shotgun he spin cocks on the Harley Davidson. Jesus you even used footage from Terminator 2 and even put the minigun as an hinorable mention but you didnt put one of the most iconic gun from any movie in 90s up.

  3. They're colonial marines not the army or authorities and it's pronounced Wal-Th-Ur not Walter they even say the correct pronunciations in one of your clips.

  4. What the hell is a "Walter PPK"? It is Walther "wall-th-ur"…and they are far from powerful. This really should have been a top 20 video…there are just too many good ones.

  5. How could you forget the Franchi SPAS 12. The first Terminator movie, Arnie killing all the cops in the police station. It was in so many action movies in the 80s and 90s. The Wraith, Jurassic Park, The matrix. How could you!!!! I have owned two of them.

  6. Although most would disagree with ur list, I don’t. It’s spot on for most ICONIC for sure, but if I were to add an honorable mention or even replace #10 it would have to be the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd. It’s automated and c’mon “DOUBLE WHAMMY!”

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