Top 10 Spray Guns


So many spray guns on the market, this video was a bit of fun for me to make by listing my top 10 Spray Guns, it was actually a pretty easy list to put together.
So in this video I have included a small amount of video footage of each spray gun and a quick description explaining why it made the position, I hope you enjoy watching my Top 10 Spray Gun video and if you did be sure to share it with a friend.

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  1. Agustin Herrera

    How much is a gun like that cost the gti pro

  2. Angel FernandeZ

    Hey gunny yougot a review on solvent base guns? I own a few satas and a prolite woth te20 wish is great at my side job shop for clear only but im looking for @9cfm too for base my sata 3000 hvlp still have a beautiful fan under 12 pounds but slows me down any ideas?

  3. Robert White

    have you ever used or heard of a spray gun by CA Technologies CAT-X spray gun

  4. J.E.S. Simply The Best!

    Gunman, I'm not bashing on you but I wouldn't use any gun in your top 10 list. The first thing is I would throw every hvlp paint gun across the street. If your a real painter/ Custom Painter get you a old school Sharpe siphon feed paint gun model 75. I've been painting for 35 year's and I've painted numerous car's that have won Best Paint and Best Of Show at Street Machine Nationals, Car Craft Nationals and Summer Nationals including my 1973 Plymouth Road Runner. I've beat the best and I'm in the process of building a new custom paint shop named THE HOME OF J.E.S. SIMPLY THE BEST! All of my sanding is done by hand down to the bare metal. No one is allowed inside of my shop's but I do tours by appointment only. You won't find any Bondo cans, body filler, spot putty, D.A. sanders,etc. There's only 2 brands of Paint that I spray. 1 is laquer which I prefer for conquers show quality paint jobs and House of Kolors for custom painting. That's it. I hear of people talking about they do 3 step paint jobs….lol. If I actually counted my steps — process it would be a 10 to 12 step paint job and that's on a lacquer paint job. I prime and block more than probably anyone has ever seen and align every panel better than factory. I'm not bragging I just know what I can do. My logo on my shop's is ( If you can think of it or dream it behind these doors is where I will create it. ) God bless my friend!

  5. 최준철

    What is the best spraygun in this time do you think? Could I get recomendation? It'll be my first spraygun.

  6. Sergey Chukanov

    Какой лак используется?

  7. Eric laprise

    i have one question which on the market right now best gun for clear
    hope too heard from you soon possible thankyou

  8. Corey Nicolaisen

    Just wondering your opinion on using the iwata w400 for a base coat and clear gun on a full car project..I'll be shooting a viper blue pearl and would like to just get one gun if possible


    Great vid gunny ya mad cunt hahahaha. I shouldnt post pissed.

  10. Jesse Robles

    If you say that gun #1 it your best im going to buy it as My first paint gun

  11. jay M.

    Is the GTI pro lite conventional spray gun? How is it in comparison to the devilbiss plus?

  12. Clint Hightower

    Wow, awesome video man, I'm gonna buy a cheap gun because I'm only gonna do a car every now and then but this video really helped me know kind of what to look for to try to get a reasonable result. I mainly do auto repair videos on my channel, not paint so this was excellent to help me in an area where I don't have the expertise. Good job!

  13. Car Painter 19

    The gti 620 should be highervon this list…much better than the gunza

  14. don doe

    bro, you are seriously a spray god to me lol… but wth happened at 8:28 ? the top 2 gun and it orange peel looks worse then my first paint job? i have NEVER seen anything like this in your vids before… its all just perfect. but this….? plz explain


    Good spry painting

  16. scott 500

    if I buy the pro lite can I paint my car or do I need different sprayers for primer, base, and clear? Im brand new to paint…

  17. Julio Manalo

    Gotcha. Thanks!

  18. Julio Manalo

    Dear Gunman, I’ve been following you on YouTube. Based on what I’ve gathered, I’m looking at a pair of FLG-5 guns 1.8 primer for epoxy primer and 1.4 2 Part polyurethane topcoat and 2 Part polyurethane clear topcoat. I’m going to paint a 1979 Cessna 182Q 4 place all aluminum aircraft stripped to bare metal. This aircraft has top mounted wings which will need a ladder to reach to paint the top surface. Each wing panel surface (I.e. left top wing) is about 10 square meters area (100 square feet). My question is, do I get a gravity gun or should I go for a pressure feed gun and a 2 quart pressure cup system? Thanks!

  19. Авто Покраска Мариуполь

    Thank you so much bro!!!

  20. Izzy Colon

    First off, Love the videos.
    ((I need some gun recommendations))
    Im painting motorcycle plastics and just bought a compressor. First time sprayer with an actual spray gun.
    So for a first use, and basically a 1 time use, What size nozzle is the best for primer, clear, basecoat and lastly for spraying some flake?? Your help is greatly appreciated

  21. Sunil Kolekar


  22. Lynda Downie

    Love your stuff. Can I purchase a DeVilbiss FLG5 any where in Australia?

  23. Charles Barr

    dude. you're freaking amazing. Thanks for the video, I'm learning a lot.
    going to check out your other stuff. Neither of my spray guns made the list, but both manufacturers did. (Sata and Binks-which is a DeVilbiss)

  24. 1esaus

    Always liked your channel. I've been watching and looking for tips and tricks for fixing my car, wheels and such. Great job!

  25. أبو آدم


  26. Hahano86

    Hey there. Would you recommend three guns? One for primer, one for base coat and one for clear? I’m new to painting (never done it) and ordered two guns, GPi pro 1.4, 1.6 1.8 and the GTi Pro Lite 1.3+1.4 with a T110 cap so far to start and later maybe get that TE20 after some practice. Thanks for the videos.

  27. PowerOf One

    I just use the cheapest gun from China. For Primer, Base coat and clear coat. And I never clean it. lol

  28. Alexi Gaitan

    Can you spray base and clear from the tekna pro lite? Thanks for your time in advance.

  29. Du Thuyền

    sub you…and sub for me ..thanks

  30. lucy disguise

    There's no such thing as a beautiful quality does the job average unnoticeable by the untrained eye gun for under a hundred bucks you got to pay $400 for a stupid gun?

  31. Robert Broussard

    Quick question, the gun review is now about 2 years old, what’s your current gun recommendation for me? I’m painting from my two car garage. My current need is to paint a bumper cover with base coat, clear coat. But when I get my gun I’ll probably want to paint everything! 🙂 I see that you might use a primer gun, base coat gun, clear gun, blending clear gun, mini gun…. it gets confusing. I have an old gun from the 1980s, siphon feed? My understanding this gun needs to be replaced. I look forward to your advise—I love your channel!!!

  32. Adam Morgan

    Im in the US and i love this gun. It definitely deserves 1st place. Thanks gunman..your awesome

  33. Richard Rodriguez

    Just bought a slightly used Devilbiss Flg 5 yesterday, awesome gun! Great results, No complaints whatsoever. Thanks Gunman

  34. Geoffrey Otieno

    I wish I can get that dvl Biss gun mine is old for thz job now

  35. Jeremy Davis

    Are you useing a 1.3 or 1.4 tip ??

  36. charles browning

    That's another good video and it helps I ask a question in your newest video and how much I would use the gun what do u think I should buy to do my 1934 ford thanks buddy dewayne