Top 5 Best Guns For The Zombie Apocalypse


A list of the best firearms you would want if the zombie horde was at your doorstep.

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  1. Honest Outlaw

    Now that we are 100% demonetized by YouTube your Patreon support means more than ever. Link is in the description if you want to join up. Thanks for watching!

  2. [ ]

    I feel far from undergunned with a 12 gauge Mossberg, the versatility of it makes it in my top three. The AR would fill in a plenty of roles, from hunting deer to combatting the undead, I am more comfortable with it and its proven reliability and capability combined with usage with our two neighbors is why I prefer it over the AK. A Glock 19 due to magazine interchangeability with the larger 17, and just overall presence in civilian and law enforcement communities make it a solid choice, not to mention it being 9mm which is a standard for many of our allies and our own military. If I were to prepare ahead of it, I would throw in a .45-70 rifle for sake of lead casting and black powder loadings.

  3. ralfiasz

    Zombie brains? Dude, I grease my guns with zombie brains. There’s nothing like a good quality zombie brain in your favorite action, just make sure there’s no skull in it.

  4. JudoAndrew

    a W54 in a suitcase would be my first, last and only weapon I'd need lol

  5. Dimitar Dimitrov

    Firearms will be useless in zombie apocalipse scenario. Remember we talk about apocalypse not few zombies here and there. Lets say 10 survivors per continent. Only axes,spears and sabers. Ranged weapons — bows/crossbows and other. You could easy shoot 10 cartridges at zombie and still have no effect. While melee weapons will be the best choices. You could also have throwing weapons. Ball and chain,whips,chackrams, trowing stars, ballistic weapons. In true zombie apocalypse scenario nothing can beat shield plus axe combo. Or leaf broad spear. And war bow. Firearms will not be efficient in zombie apocalypse. Unless of course you not use true firearms. Like flamethrowers, molotov coctails, burning grenades.

  6. BluePlayz

    Okay, good video but where the hell is the M249? M240B? M60? MG-42?

  7. Justin McKnight

    Shooting supersonic 556 through a suppressor is pointless. Same with 9mm. And considering 45 and 300aac both are naturally subsonic for the most part. I would have recommended those rounds for anything you plan to suppress.

  8. Niko Tylers

    My top ten list of zombie guns my choice (with flashlight bayonets and suppressor)
    1: AR-15
    2: Glock-34
    3:Ak47 variants
    4:Benelli M4 or pump action or even break action shotguns
    5: Twinkies lots of them
    6: M24 sniper rifle it is a military sniper and lots of ammo but expensive and rare
    7: Any close quarters smg (banshee vector MP5)
    8: Awm sniper rifle high up because of its rarity and weight but a very powerful and reliable rifle
    9: 22 caliber rifle low Calibur but common ammo and light weight but like he said it takes a few shot to take down a zombie
    10: M9 berretta it is a good close quarters pistol common ammo silent when suppressed and can easily take down a walker

  9. eqlzr2

    What brand of ammo do you prefer? I'd like to invest in that company. 😉

  10. Craige Goad

    Did he just say Car-BEAN?

  11. Merlot Chhetri

    You're the best YouTuber ever

  12. Tim G

    For the skeptics the Zombie Apocalypse possibility is very real, Scientist has discovered theirs a form of rabies if Mutated 1 more level we will have a real life walking dead situation. Since the shadow government wants to reduce the world population i'm sure they have some wack jobs working diligently in a secret lab somewhere to make that happen.

  13. Andreas Küünal

    If i could pick 5 guns for the apocalypse, then i wpuld pick a glock 34, a mossberg 500, an ar 15, an mp5, and a remington 700.
    But realisticly i would pick 3 guns, because 5 would be to heavy, i wpuld pick a glock 34, ab ar 15 and a mossberg 500.


    Loving that optic mount on that Banshee.

  15. A Duck

    Ak 109 is the best ak if you get lucky enough to find one. Very low recoil because counter balance system and 7.62x39mm.

  16. Jaster

    2:26 who saw the ant in the trigger guard?

  17. Mittasin Fuid

    7:44 is iron man

  18. Çılgınca bir Macer

    Remmington 870, Ar 15 , Ak 47, Glock 17 , Bow, Crossbow,

  19. Rashard Givens

    what about dealing with bandits, cultist, corrupt military, and others?

  20. Foxy King

    i blame god for how rick points his revolver at the ground and hits stuf…

  21. Cole Bashor

    Vz.58 over ak47/74 any day. Lighter by over 1 lb, more accurate, arguably more reliable and can be converted to take standard ak magazines or ar magazines in the 5.56 variant. And what about the Bren 2? The SCAR killer? The myth? The legend?!?!

  22. TheHinac

    Vectors are garbage. I have one.

  23. A Duck

    Negev takes any type of ar magazines and is the only belt fed and magazine fed light machine gun suited for the zombie apocalypse.

  24. Sleepy

    Is take anything 9mm because the ammo is so abundant

  25. Bad Biscuit

    A probably possible zombie apocalypse, were are not all stupid americans

  26. X Bertie

    I will buy my self a M82 Barrette for only 15 grand. It’s affordable

  27. Justin Last

    Can't believe you forgot the best gun for dealing with The Dead.

    The 12 gauge double barrel Remington

    It's S-Mart's top of the line. It's got a Walnut Stock, cobalt blue steel, and a Hair Trigger. Shop Smart…shop S-Mart.

  28. grellboy175

    Red dots run out of battery. I would go ar for the crappy ak sights

  29. Full Metal Magnum

    What about bullpup rifles?? Half the size, less weight, but same range and accuracy. My personal choice is Polish FB Radom MSBS bullpup asault rifle chambered for 5.56 mm NATO.