I rank all the Weapons and Perks into a Top 5 Best Guns and Perks in BO4 Right Now. I talk about the best weapons and Perks in black ops 4 after the new DLC weapons have been added and all of the balance changes have settled from the previous few patch updates. Information is accurate as of the 1.23 Update.


A member of Karnage Clan:

***Time Stamps***
0:45 Scavenger
1:12 Switchblade
2:10 Deadsilence
2:50 Swordfish
4:05 Tactical Mask
4:45 KN 57
6:19 Dexterity
7:06 Auger DMR
8:05 Gung Ho
8:50 Rampart 17
9:45 Flak Jacket

***Dexterity Slide Cancel/Camera-ing***
Break their Aim Assist

7 Pro Tips

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Top 5 Best Guns & Perks Right Now in CoD BO4 After the 1.23 Update


  1. Dexterity increased aim description really is just for Jump shots when you land without dexterity your gun bounces once’s from the impact of landing but with dexterity you can spam Jump again and again and you don’t get the jump on your sights upon landing

  2. The auger dmr is my favorite. Especially since u did the video with the double high caliber. I mostly pay hc but have found that i can run this weapon really well in core after watching that video. Thanks for that.

  3. Used to use dead silence all the time but honestly like ghost better. Better to be able to sneak up on the whole other team when they have a UAV than to sneak up on the one or two people with acoustic sensor. I do have a class where use both perks though.

  4. I personally believe that the Saug is better than the switchblade myself but maybe that's a preference. Also, since you were asking if there is a more versatile weapon than the KN, I would put the peacekeeper on there as well, there are probably even more class set ups you can run with that gun than you can with the KN, though I prefer the KN. Also, I'm surprised you run a lot of 3 perk set ups, I find myself running a lot of 4 attachment setups on guns and dropping the sight and either scavenger or dead silence depending on the weapon and it's purpose. Like for the KN, I run stock, rapid fire, hybrid mags and either grip or quick draw (depends on my mood) and drop dead silence. I also have a suppressed KN class where I run stock, silencer, rapid fire, and Hybrid mags and just drop scavenger (must use crash). At the end of the day, you the man though JGod, Mr. COD Professor!

  5. I think too many weapons get nerfed. So… no, the KN does not need to be nerfed. People need to stop complaining. To me OP is synonomous with fun. Buff more weapons!!! No more nerfs!!!

  6. Will Treyarch still give updates on BO4 once Modern Warfare is released? Hard to believe that everyone will drop playing BO4 when Modern Warfare debuts

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